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How To Set Up A Food Truck Business In India: Costs & Earnings Involved


By Vasundhra Chauhan

India’s love for food is not an untold tale. It is pretty evident that we love food in all of its forms. Let it be Italian, Mexican, American or Japanese; our love for food knows no boundaries, it doesn’t discriminate ever!

Food trucks are probably the best thing to happen to the food industry. Who so ever came up with the idea of putting food and trucks together was an absolute genius. I mean, what is better than lip smacking cuisines from all over the world?! – lip smacking food from all over the world on wheels!!

Delhi recently witnessed its first food truck festival (not to forget, it had a solid beer and hookah scenes with cocktails and mocktails and live music) and it gave all sorts of motivation to all the foodies to open their own food trucks.

So being the diggers that we are, we dug a little deeper to find out all the basic information about the food truck business. We talked to Saurabh Khanijo, the managing director of Wanchai by KYLIN as well, just to be sure.

What did we find out?

How to start:
“The logistics are simple. You buy a food truck, get it altered according to the kind of kitchen you want to run, the type of cuisines you want to offer,” says Saurabh.

So you can give it the quirky, desi or whatever look you want to give and you are good to go.

How much does it cost: “Food trucks can cost up to Rs 2-3 lakhs and the fabrication and the equipment installations can sum up the total to Rs 10-20 lakhs, depending upon how plush or normal you want your truck to be.”

Food trucks are flexible:  “It makes sense for food truck because sometimes you don’t have enough client-fill, so food truck works the best. I take my food truck to the call centers and we do a decent amount of sales for lunch but if I set up a permanent shop at an office area or a call center then I won’t have any evening crowd. So it won’t make sense for me to have a proper setup. Food trucks give the flexibility to move around as per flex hours.” Says Saurabh.


The Advantages:

How much can you make per day: Rs 10,000- Rs 15,000 (not so bad eh?)

Experimentation: “Food truck gives us the flexibility of serving all our food one by one. One can mix two different types food menu and serve it through food trucks.” According to Saurabh Khanijo, custom made menu for parties or events are possible because of the flexibility of food trucks.

The mobile food business is best for the foodies who love food in every form. If you love to experiment with different cuisines then food truck is what you’re looking for. No restrictions on the menu. You can come up with innovative ways to serve gourmet food as a fast food and the foodies will love you!


Quick food for the fast generation: Food trucks normally deal with the fast food and that is what make them such a hit among the youngsters. No one has time to sit and wait for the food since everyone is in a hurry, therefore, fast food works the best for our GenX.


Easy to set up: It’s more convenient to set up a food truck than a restaurant since you don’t need to have to have a permanent spot for your tiny restaurant on wheels.

P.S. – You do need to take permission from the officials before parking it and apparently you can’t do that in Delhi but NCR region is crazy for food trucks so can I get a yay?!

The mobile food business is really catching up speed in India and we can predict that it will go far. So all the food aspirants take out your old aprons and let us go do some business yeah?

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