Shri Ram College of Commerce, the dream college for every commerce aspirant, isn’t it?

If preparations for your Board exams and scoring sky high percentage weren’t enough, the admission process to this coveted Delhi University college isn’t exactly a cakewalk too.

Right from the release of the cut-off lists to submission of the admission fees to secure your seat, everything in DU sure involves a lot of hassle.

But fret not, because here’s a complete guide to everything you need to know to get into SRCC!

Courses Offered:

SRCC takes pride in the fact that it is a commerce exclusive college and therefore unlike other colleges of DU offering you a variety of courses ranging from History Honours to Zoology, SRCC has only two courses up for grab, B.Com Honours and B.A. Honours in Economics.

Marks Aren’t The Only Way

SRCC takes in a diverse mix of students and to make sure the campus isn’t just a hotbed of super-intelligent, nerdy students, it offers admittance through Sports Quota too.

So you are in for a bit of luck if you are in the top 10 or so players who have represented your country or state in your game. SRCC WILL COME AND GET YOU.

I have a very dear school friend, who got into SRCC by scoring only a 66%. All he had to do was be exceptionally brilliant at swimming and win a couple of gold medals at the State and National level. No big deal, of course.

However, surprisingly (and annoyingly) if you are amazingly good at dance, drama or singing, SRCC doesn’t really take that into consideration because SRCC doesn’t have an Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) Quota.

Also, contrary to popular reports that deny the existence of Management Quota, if your parents are in the teaching or non-teaching staff here at SRCC, you are definitely one very, very lucky fellow.

SRCC also has reservations for the minorities like OBCs, SCs, STs, Kashmiri Migrants, and wards of Armed Forces.

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Cut Offs

It is no brainer that cut-offs at SRCC are ridiculously high.

First Cut-offs generally are in the range of 97.5% and higher. They tend to drop down but after the second or third cut off it doesn’t really matter for the general category students since the admissions get closed for them by that time.

Citing my own example, the cut off for Economic Honours and B.Com Honours were at 97.75% in the first cut off list for 2017.

Documents Required

All the documentation and paperwork is definitely the worst nightmare I had experienced during my time.

You’ll need:
1. Passport size photographs. LOADS OF THEM.
2. 10th and 12th marksheet.
3. Board exams marksheet.
4. Character certificate and transfer certificate/school leaving certificate from the school.
5. Delhi University Common Application form.

I’d highly recommend carrying a Xerox machine along with you, 24/7 because you are gonna need AT LEAST 5-6, self-attested photocopies of each of the above-mentioned documents.

Keeping all the secondary, boring details aside, I would really advise you all to sort your priorities beforehand.

Know the difference between a B.Com Honours and an Economics Honours. Most importantly you should know what you want to do in your life ahead.

This is Ramesh.
He was a non medical student.
He took admission in SRCC because it was SRCC.
He can’t even draft a proper Balance Sheet format and NOW CRIES himself to sleep at night.
Ramesh has screwed up.
Don’t be like Ramesh.

I have seen people from science and humanities, getting into SRCC just because the prospect of studying in possibly the best commerce college in Asia, excites them.

My advice to all such people like Ramesh is, prioritize. Get into SRCC only if the thrill of balancing debit and credit side, learning the rules of GST and GDP excite you.


In the end, I would like to wish all of you all the luck in the world for your impending board exams results. I am sure your blood, sweat and tears will be rewarded.

Lastly, even if you don’t make it to SRCC there’s no need to feel sad or dejected about it because you never know, fate must have something even better than SRCC in store for you!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Economic Times, The Hindu, SRCC official website

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  1. I believe SRCC offers admission through ECA Quota which got started from last year itself. Somewhere around 10oct2020 and your article is published on 16Feb2021, therefore, check the official webiste of DU too to get your information correct.


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