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Sky-high percentages and Shri Ram College of Commerce aka SRCC are synonymous. Housing toppers from every school, city, galli, mohalla in India, the institution has grown to become a household name.

Who doesn’t remember the year when SRCC had declared a 100% cut off for the course B.Com Honours and had sent students and parents around the country in a state of worry more than just bewilderment?

Was the 100% cut-off even justified owing to the fact that it only discouraged students who had worked really hard and had lost out only because they had scored a meager 99%?

Being a student at SRCC can be challenging because the constant battle between academics and co-curricular is hectic, demanding but at the same time it gives you the much-needed experience of the grueling corporate sector life that is to follow.

You evolve better, you step out of the societal and cultural constraints and your stereotypes are tested against because you interact with people from all walks of life, which is why maybe the cultural heterogeneity of SRCC is the best thing about it.

SRCC unlike LSR, JNU or Faculty of Law of DU doesn’t get embroiled in students’ politics to a large extent and has always tried to stay away from controversies.

SRCC is a legacy and this is why you see almost every other student at SRCC striving hard to live up to it.

So with all the hype generated around its name, we thought of going around and asking the students at SRCC if the college really does live up to its name or not.

Here are the best responses from the lot.

Easy to take privileges for granted

My dream did come true

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It has failed miserably

Does SRCC live upto its name?

The real reason for the repeated success

What do you think about these opinions and responses?

Let us know in the comments below!

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