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How These Two Traders Changed Their Life Under Zed Monopoly’s Guidance


A Year ago Zed Monopoly entered the world of stock market education on social media, in an industry that’s saturated with educators and self-promotions, he has taken a different approach by promoting his success stories constantly on social media rather than himself. Recently he came out with some of his success stories that have achieved their first Six- figures that use his same trading approach. Although he said, “I can’t try to replicate my success with everybody, but the least I can do is try”.

Edward is also known as (Sambora) who has been trading under the guidance of Zed Monopoly since 2019 he is a fellow Irish man, recently earned his first six figures trading the stock market, the Inspiring thing about this story is that after the coronavirus hit, he was made redundant after 35 years of being an employee, luckily he was already working on something in the background and little did they know he was already planning on quitting in 2021. His story is the classic “one door closes, another opens up”. Above he is pictured with Zed Monopoly. Edward Sambora is now a full-time day trader, “although trading isn’t for everybody, some do make it if they follow the right method and discipline” Sambora says.

Tom Mead from London,UK is also another student trading under the guidance of Zed Monopoly, he, on the other hand, is still a youngster never the less he has achieved his first six figures in the stock market and just like Sambora he is a full-time trader now. In a previous interview with Zed, he has preached risk management and how disciplined he is with taking a loss, unlike zed he actually uses a hard stop loss when trading although he still uses the 2% risk management technique. “His success has been apparent,” zed says, “he bought his first Rolex watch 6 months ago and a Mercedes Benz the same week I bought mine”.

“These successful students are my protege,” Zed Monopoly says. “It serves as motivation to the rest of the world that success in the stock market can be achieved, especially to my followers, although it comes with great risk”

Day trading takes a lot of discipline and education is required although zed has replicated his success multiple times with some of his students, the majority will try trading and give up because it’s an emotional game and most importantly can get stressful.

Zed Can be found on Youtube under the name Zed Monopoly or Instagram under the name simplyzedd.

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