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How Technology Has Improved Our Lives


Today, technology has integrated into almost all facets of our lives and while there are still those who reminisce about the joy of simpler days, the truth is that life was much more challenging when we didn’t have instant access to information at our fingertips.

We would get lost more often when looking for a street address and had to physically seek out information. Now we have GPS apps on our phones, can download an ebook to a tablet, and can fire off an email almost instantly.

It’s hard now to recall those distant days in the previous century when the flip cell phone was almost a sci-fi idea, a wireless gadget you’d see on shows like Star Trek. This, of course, has been replaced by the smartphone, which is more of a pocket computer than a cell phone.

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Yet even our current technology will be considered old fashioned when the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes part of our daily experience.

An IoT application platform will allow you to take your devices to the next level because it will be cloud-based, always connected, and driven by data. Businesses will be able to better understand how to utilize their assets.

For instance, if your transportation business manages fleets, your monitoring device will be able to get accurate road and weather data for all your vehicles.

The IoT has already made it easy to set up a smart home. Using a smartphone and apps, you can monitor pet feeders, run vacuums, adjust thermostats, turn on the lights, and open or close door locks.

Today, the trend of bundling services, such as DIRECTV + Internet, allows you to keep up with your favorite TV shows on-the-go. As you ride the bus to work in the morning, joining the 9 to 5 horde, you can find out how “The Walking Dead” crew is dealing with the zombie horde.

Or, catch up with one of your “guilty pleasures” as the rest of the commuters stare blankly out the window.

The advance of technology has made for some great discoveries, but at the same time has dramatically changed how we live our day-to-day lives. Let’s take a look at how technology has changed our lives:

1. Better Than A Swiss Army Knife: Smartphones

Your smartphone does much more than just allow you to call, text, or use VoIP to call long distance.

You can use it to surf the Internet for any information you need when you’re out on the street, like finding a good restaurant, deciding on a movie, or doing some price comparison shopping.

You can play video games, take pictures with a digital video camera, use GPS navigation, access a media player, and read an ebook. And you can use it to run a wide range of third-party software.


2. Access Home Security Systems

Once hooked up to your home’s Wi-Fi, you can run a smart home security system on your smartphone to monitor water sensors, smoke, carbon monoxide, sirens, lights, surveillance cameras, garage door openers, and door locks.

3. Visiting The Doctor On Your Computer

Once you sign up with a service provider, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect to a board-certified doctor.

Your information is stored securely, and you can choose your doctor based on their experience and patient ratings before you make a virtual visit. A virtual visit is much more than a telephone call or a text message.

Using high-quality streaming video, you can both see and speak to a doctor. Most services allow you get 24-hour access to a doctor from your home or current location.

4. Wi-Fi Access In Your Car

You can turn your car into a mobile hotspot by using a 4G dongle, Mi-Fi adapter or pebble.

While you can also simply use a smartphone or tether, it’s much more convenient to use a hotspot because you don’t need to remember to bring a smartphone or enable tethering. While a smartphone is easiest to set up, the battery gets used up fairly quickly.

5. Easier Telecommuting

You needed to go to an office to work, but now you can work from home, and if your business is using the cloud, you can work from any device anywhere in the world.

6. Remember Everything Is Important

Not only is it easier to set up important reminders, appointments, birthday or anniversary reminders on your electronic calendar.  It’s easy to organize your entire life by synchronizing all your devices.

7. You Don’t Have to be Lonely Anymore

Traditionally, single people would have to go to a bar, join a single’s group, or have a friend introduce them to someone to get a date. Now, with online dating, you can find someone who is more compatible by checking out their profile and contacting them via email and chat before you meet.

And even if you don’t want to date, but just want to hang out with friends, you don’t have to wait for someone to invite you to a party or social gathering. You can share on social networks about anything at any time.


8. Solve Problems Easily

In the past, when you had a problem, you usually had to figure things out or ask someone who might know. Today, you can just look it up.

Not sure if the doctor has given you the right diagnosis or course of treatment, you can do an internet search for answers. Uncertain about how to renew your passport for your trip to France—just visit the government website to get all the information you need.

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