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How TechAhead Positions Small Businesses and Fortune 500 Companies for Success with Endless Digital Solutions and Services


As the coronavirus pandemic descended upon the world early last year, almost immediately, businesses all over the world were forced to pivot and completely reevaluate. Along with the countless challenges that have come forth as a result of the pandemic, business owners in particular have struggled, having been forced to reassess business plans and quickly alter standard operating procedure. However, throughout the pandemic, one industry-leading tech company has managed to make an immense impact across their notable client list. Whether a small business or a Fortune 500 company, TechAhead is paving the way for businesses to fully transition into the digital world. 

With a boast-worthy client list that includes Aquatherm, Audi, American Express, Allianz and more, for the last 11 years, TechAhead has been successful in and responsible for helping countless businesses go completely digital. From app development to award winning UI/UX design and Internet of Things (IoT), TechAhead’s services are unrivaled, offering clients an experience that feels more like a partnership than a vendor/client transaction. 

TechAhead has been particularly successful in helping businesses maintain continuity throughout the pandemic, without disruption, eliminating any period of reconfiguring. As many have transitioned into a work-from-home norm, these days nearly everything is done online. TechAhead’s IOT, or Internet of Things as they call it, has been a massive success story for the company and they are very well positioned to deliver larger scale IoT based solutions. From development to streamlining operations, IOT has been a game changer for dozens of TechAhead clients. Among one of their many engineering success stories is Healthy Mummy, an Australian weight loss and lifestyle program designed specifically for mothers. Healthy Mummy was subsequently elevated by TechAhead’s services as they re-architected the live app and re-defined the company’s design strategy in order to enrich the user experience.

“TechAhead is not only helping companies blaze trails in their respective sectors of business, but in light of the pandemic, we have been instrumental in ensuring customer success,” says TechAhead CEO Vikas Kaushik. “We are very well positioned to solve bigger problems in the digital world, especially after recently achieving our 11 years milestone.”

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