The world is still embroiled in the coronavirus pandemic but the race for a vaccine is slowly picking speed.

Every day some new country or region is releasing how they have started human trials or some other type of research into their vaccine and that it will soon be ready.

In the latest news, it has been reported that Russia might be the first country in the world to approve a COVID-19 vaccine as early as August.

This is extremely fast considering that most other vaccines are still being tested and making sure that they won’t be harming human beings in any way.

After this, the news of how an American vaccine might also be getting an August release has come to light.

But one has to ask how reliable these vaccines really are and if they are just a way for countries to boast about how they were the first to come out with a cure against the big bad COVID-19.

Russia’s Vaccine

In multiple reports, Russia seems to be insinuating that they will be approving a COVID-19 vaccine by 10th August 2020.

Kirill Dmitriev, head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund stated for this news that, “Americans were surprised when they heard Sputnik’s beeping. It is the same with this vaccine. Russia will have got there first.”

Dmitriev is referring to the launch of Sputnik, the name given to the first satellite that was successfully launched into space in 1957.

CNN in their report stated that Russia is aiming to approve the vaccine by 10th August.

The cure is being developed by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute and once approved, will be first given to frontline healthcare workers and then to the rest of the citizens.

There are some concerns with this vaccine since as per reports, Russia is yet to complete their second phase and is already looking at launching the vaccine.

Other regions and vaccines that are already in the third phase of trials are still taking their time and going through all safety measures.

The human trials were done on Russian soldiers who reportedly volunteered for it, as stated by the Russian Defense Ministry. The director of the project, Alexander Ginsburg, has also stated that he himself has injected the vaccine into his own body.

Some reports are also wondering whether the country has cut any corners in order to quicken the process and just release something out into the world even if it is not fully tested out.

Russia has also not really released scientific data about this vaccine and its testing so that experts from other regions could verify the safety and effect of this medicine.

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American Vaccine

America is also picking speed on its vaccine race with news coming out that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could be issuing an emergency use authorization (EUA) of a coronavirus vaccine.

This was revealed by the director of the FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Dr. Peter Marks at the online Disease Control and Prevention Summit.

This EUA would allow medical professionals to use a particular COVID-19 vaccine on an expedited basis if the patient/candidate is able to meet the requirements.

Reports also reveal that two coronavirus vaccines from Moderna and Pzifer/BioNTech have gone into their phase three or late-stage trials in the US.

These trials will now be collecting around 30,000 volunteers after which researchers will be going over the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. Both these trials are supported by the US government.

However, we have to say that this now seems more like a race where it is all about which country will release the vaccine first instead of actually thinking about whether this will really help people, their safety etc.

It feels like the only goal is just to put out a vaccine first and earn millions or billions of dollars because each country is scrambling for any vaccine right now so that they can go back to normal.

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Sources: CNN, Times Now, The Indian Express 

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