The world is still battling with the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown is still being carried out in some places and even those that have opened up are taking strict measures to keep any illness contained.

People are still being told to stay at home since that is right now the most effective way to contain the spread of the disease and prevent hospitals from being overloaded with huge number of patients.

There might be a lot to be sad about right now, not denying that, but for once let us also give some space to some good and positive news that has emerged around COVID-19.

It is not like everything is doom and gloom, there are breakthroughs being made, doctors and researchers from all over the world are actively engaged in creating vaccines with many getting to the human trial stage, and recovery rate is also increasing.

So here are some pieces of good news around COVID-19 that might lower our stress levels just a tiny little bit:

1. 7 People From 4 Generations Recovered In Surat

The coronavirus is considered to be quite harmful to young kids and the elderly, since their immune system might not be as ready or fast to fight the disease.

But a family in Surat, Gujarat in India showed that anything is possible when almost 7 members who had contracted the disease recovered without any complications.

The family is a big joint one, comprising of four generations that has everyone from a 106-year-old great grandfather to a young three-and-a-half-year-old boy.

Khodidas Goyani (36), who is a real estate developer revealed to TOI that, “On June 22, I developed cough and fever. I got myself tested and the report came positive on June 25. I preferred home isolation for treatment. We are a 10-member family. So, everybody else was also screened and six tested positive on July 2.”

After Goyani, the other confirmed COVID cases from the family included:

  • Govindbhai – grandfather and aged 106
  • Ladhabhai – Goyani’s father and aged 62
  • Shivkunvarba – Goyani’s mother and aged 60
  • Sanat – Goyani’s three-and-half-year-old son
  • Ashwin – Goyani’s brother and aged 32
  • Kinjal – Ashwin’s wife who is also pregnant

The family decided to stay in home isolation following their doctors orders and trying to recover. In fact, as per Goyani, they didn’t even tell the grandfather that he had coronavirus and just asked him to take medicine as a precaution.

The 3 members who didn’t have COVID were sent to a relative’s house in order to keep them safe.

The family and all the afflicted members fully recovered on 15th July 2020. Goyani has stated that, “I urge all people not to panic if they test positive for Covid-19. They should have faith and follow doctors’ guidelines religiously. This will help them recover fast.” 

2. Hemant Gulati Fights For Patients Denied Admission Into Hospitals

We have all heard of those horror stories of how hospitals are denying admission to patients due to lack of beds. Sometimes they are just doing out of fear of getting a COVID patient.

This has been extremely problematic for people who are in dire need of emergency assistance and cannot just take a pill to make themselves better at home.

In light of this, Advocate Hemant Gulati took up pro-bono cases and helped people fight against this injustice.

In reports, Gulati has said that, “Sometime in June, I decided to do my bit to help COVID-19 patients in Delhi. I kept reading about patients losing their lives even before they could get medical treatment.” 

3. Therapeutic Treatments Are Coming

As per a report from The Washington Post, it is believed that therapeutic treatments will be available to people much before actual vaccine medication.

Apparently, scientists have managed to create clones of antibodies that are produced in the body of a person who has contracted novel coronavirus. The immune system of these people produces these antibodies that help to identify “infectious invaders.”

It is said that these antibodies attack the spike protein of the virus that will prevent it from multiplying inside the body.

But it is not known for how long these antibodies will provide protection from the virus.

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4. COVID Testing At Home

Joseph G. Allen, an assistant professor of exposure assessment science and director of the Healthy Buildings program at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, has recently stated in a piece for The Washington Post that “rapid, low-cost saliva tests are also coming.”

These would essentially be home testing kits where a person can just spit into a vial and get results of whether they have the infection or not.

5. India’s COVID Death Rate Is Decreasing

While India’s COVID case level keeps increasing, one good thing we are hearing is that the death rate is slowly decreasing.

This essentially means that the country is getting better at treating the disease and making sure that people recover from it.

6. A Good Vacation For The Environment

The environment can certainly not be forgotten in all this, since its the one thing that has seen the most positive change over these months.

Since the time the world went on lockdown and it became a global movement, the environment has thrived with no people around.

The pollution level has gone down not just in Delhi, but in many other states and countries around the world.

Animals have come out in various manners and reclaimed lands that they had been pushed out of due to human occupation.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Washington Post, TOI, Hindustan Times 

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