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How IOOGO Is Changing the Way Small Businesses Approach Taxes and Accounting 


It goes without saying that taxes and accounting can be amongst the greatest challenges that small businesses face. Taxes can be expensive and require a great deal of time and effort. After 20 years in the tax and accounting industry, Josh Alballero and his wife Kristy teamed up to found IOOGO, a revolutionary software and service company that simplifies accounting and tax preparation. 

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Josh had been interested in tax policy from a young age. He quickly realized the benefit of adding accounting into his arsenal and enjoyed a successful career as a traditional tax preparer and accountant. When new “DIY” tax filing services came into the marketplace, Josh found himself admittedly puzzled why he still was so busy with tax preparation clients. Upon inquiring with his clients, he learned that the online, DIY tax services were not as simple as they were made out to be, were time-consuming, and often ended up being very costly. He was certain there had to be a better way. 

Taking into account Josh’s expertise and his wife Kristy’s 15 years of experience designing and implementing complex software solutions, they realized they could have so much success working as a team. In 2017, Kristy and Josh joined forces to create a highly intelligent, custom software that would make filing for taxes simpler and quicker. Their revolutionary technology allows users to enter the tax information and file a return in 15 minutes or less. In their first year, over 12,000 users e-filed their tax returns with their IRS approved software.

IOOGO’s target market is individuals who understand and appreciate technology but have still relied on the personal touch of a tax preparer. With IOOGO, clients get the best of both worlds. Clients have the option to file on their own, in moments, while simultaneously having access to a dedicated team of CPA’s and IRS experts. Other clients still prefer a full-service tax preparation approach, in this case, the team at IOOGO will utilize the technology to file for them which gives them more time to focus on 1-1 client engagement.  

After a very successful start, Josh and Kristy decided to build upon their software to create a system that would expedite accounting duties as well. According to Josh, typically small businesses fall into one of two camps. Either they don’t pay attention to their accounting or taxes because it is expensive and stressful to do so, or they simply endure the expense and hire a traditional accountant who charges upwards of $300 an hour. Again, Josh and Kristy were certain there could be a better, more efficient way for small businesses to take care of their accounting needs. Through the use of innovative software solutions, IOOGO offers advanced accounting support to its clients. Because of the time-saving technology, their team is freed up to spend more time managing their client’s finances and providing hands-on, customized support. 

“Technology can be an incredible tool, but we understand that it can never take the place of a human touch,” says Josh. “By pairing our technology with a team of world-class CPAs and accountants, we are able to produce real solutions and savings for our clients.” 

The word IOOGO is a play on the latin word “iugo” which means “to connect”, which is Josh and Kristy’s shared mission. 

“We want to connect customers to simple, meaningful solutions,” says Josh.

IOOGO’s services include bookkeeping, financial accounting, tax prep, tax planning, and tax representation. 

“No matter your tax or accounting concern, we have you covered.” 

To learn more about IOOGO and their revolutionary approach to tax and accounting, visit www.ioogo.com

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