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How Introverts Deal With The Festive Season Madness And Relatives Overdose


Alright guys, so the festival season is here, and while personally I love this time of the year, the smells, the whole vibe of the city and how colourful it is, there is one thing that truly makes me quake in my boot.

The festive season madness and overdose of relatives.

Perhaps I should clarify this early only, that I am an introvert. And have a cat like personality, which means I enjoy a limited amount of social interaction but anything above that just tires me out.

So while I love the above noted things about the festival season, however the crowds and relatives threaten to ruin that time for me.

However, because I am such a genius, I have formed a few hacks you can say, which help me get through these trying times and still enjoy the atmosphere around me.

So here I share them with you, on how an introvert can deal with the festive season and relatives overdose. And by the way, let us just keep it between us, alright?

1. Bribery:


Works best if you have a sibling but sometimes can also work on your mother. Bribe your way out of having to endure big crowds.

For your sibling you can do a number of things, while for your mother you can promise to do everything she says for a certain amount of time.

You might have to negotiate a bit, since the power dynamics change here, but I am sure you can find your way through.


2. Guilt Trip:


Aahh… this might be just a smidgen tricky to pull off, but guilt trips if executed perfectly can be a life saviour for introverts.

A good way for it to work is to start preparing in advance. Make a few sacrifices here and there, listen to your parents and go an extra mile in doing things around the house.

Then when the time comes… boom, you get a ‘get out of jail free’ card, just remind them of how you did a specific thing and they won’t be able to tell you no.


3. Office / Homework:


On any other day of the year, your office or homework are the bane of your existence, but during this time of the year, they might very well be your saviour.

And the best part is that neither parents nor relatives can really say anything about office work or homework from school or college.


4. Illness:


Ok, I understand you all must be confused. How can one fake illness?

But this one sort of depends on luck, and how well you can fake it too.

Don’t go too overboard with something like fever or anything.

But since the festival season hits around the season change mark, one is very susceptible to bouts of cold and headache.

Now, you can’t very well attend a noisy and crowded event with a clogged nose and headache right?

Plan successful.

5. Turn Bedroom in Panic Room:


A good idea in order to get through the festive season is also to almost turn your bedroom in a panic room.

Try and get most of the essentials in your room, like few snacks, water, your gadgets, their charger (never forget the charger, never!) earphones and any other necessity.


6. Special Appearances:


Special appearances as much as we dislike, can actually be really good.

After a few missed events, it is always good to go to one or two in between, just to show that you were not making excuses and instead were just truly busy.

So on one hand you don’t disrespect your relatives, make your parents happy and who knows you yourself might enjoy just, meeting your cousins and having a good time with them.


So that was it folks. You can take all these tips with a grain of salt or treat them like the Holy Grail, I don’t care.

I should also tell you, that sometimes these work for me and sometimes don’t.

Thus, I do not guarantee that these tips will always work, but no harm in trying, right?

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