There are some fights that instill fear in people, due to the opponents being both extremely powerful and knowing the mass consequences of those fights especially for the common people.

Then there are those fights that seem the most random, almost hilarious in nature since there is no head or tail to them and almost seem like something out of a movie. The recent incident at two momo stalls in Mumbai surely does feel like a scene from a comedy movie or show.

What Happened?

On Monday, 11th April 2022 a pretty intense fight between two groups started out in the Powai area of Mumbai. The groups were from two different momo selling points that had their stalls next to each other. The incident happened at around 11 pm at night at the Shankaracharya Marg, Powai.

The exact reason for the fight is not yet known but reports state that it started because of some petty fight between the two groups that eventually escalated to actual physical fighting and ruckus.

As per reports, the police were called and they arrested four people for the incident. Currently, the reason for the fight and all are being investigated by the police.

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Several people online compared it to the chaat fight from Uttar Pradesh that had gone viral some time back.

Apparently, it is being speculated that perhaps the two stalls were having the fight over the other encroaching on their territory and stealing customers. Or perhaps it could even be some silly comment made by one resulting in the other also saying something in return and the war of words just escalating from there eventually leading to the fight turning physical.

What do you think, why were these two groups fighting over momos of all things? Leave the wildest reason for this in the comments below.

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