New Delhi (India), April 18: Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining the health and well-being of individuals receiving cancer treatment. Nutrition is crucial for patients dealing with the challenges of oncological treatment, from managing treatment side effects to supporting overall strength and vitality. Delving into the significance of nutritional support for individuals undergoing cancer treatment, the article highlights practical tips and available support resources to assist in managing these difficulties.

Exploring Nutritional Obstacles:

Patients frequently face a variety of nutritional obstacles as a result of the disease and its treatments. Frequent common challenges that can affect dietary intake and nutritional status include treatment-related adverse effects like nausea and fatigue, loss of appetite, changes in taste, and difficulty swallowing. Radiant Super Speciality and Cancer Hospital situated in Raipur, Chhattisgarh implements a multi-pronged approach to tackle these challenges through the patient-centred care philosophy.

Support and Guidance Regarding Nutrition:

Patients undergoing treatment at Radiant are provided with personalised nutritional counselling services to aid them in managing their specific dietary requirements. An experienced group of a team of experienced dietitians works closely with patients to formulate customised meal plans and dietary suggestions that take into consideration their specific dietary preferences, treatment-related adverse effects, and nutritional objectives. Furthermore, patients are provided with educational materials and online resources that equip them with the necessary information and instruments to make well-informed decisions regarding their nutrition.

Ways to Address Nutritional Obstacles:

Effective nutrition during cancer treatment demands the implementation of practical approaches and a proactive stance. It is recommended that patients prioritise the consumption of foods that are rich in nutrients, maintain adequate hydration, and integrate frequent, short meals and snacks into their daily schedule. Radiant Cancer Hospital prioritises customised dietary approaches based on the latest research that is designed to optimise nutritional consumption while reducing the occurrence of adverse effects associated with treatment.

Exploring the Integration of Complementary Therapies:

During the treatment, integrative therapies may contribute to nutritional well-being in addition to conventional nutritional interventions. Although not intended to replace conventional medical care, herbal supplements and acupuncture may provide symptom management and an overall improvement in quality of life. Radiant Hospital recognizes the value of these therapies and, in consultation with patients’ healthcare teams, may integrate them into personalised treatment strategies.

Empowering Patients and Carers:

Promoting active engagement of patients and carers in the process of making nutritional decisions stands as a fundamental objective at Radiant Hospital. Effective communication and collaboration among healthcare providers, patients, and carers are essential for the comprehensive management of nutritional requirements and preferences during treatment. In addition, supportive resources and services are made available to aid patients and their families in managing their emotional and practical requirements throughout this difficult period.


Patients can optimise their nutritional intake and improve their overall health by receiving the appropriate guidance and support while navigating the nutritional challenges that may arise during the treatment. The hospital is dedicated to delivering holistic care that considers all aspects of patients’ well-being, which includes individualised nutritional assistance. By employing a patient-centred rphilosophy and a multidisciplinary approach, the medical facility endeavours to enable patients to thrive and make well-informed decisions throughout their course.

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