Let’s imagine a scenario. You are driving home late at night when roads are empty and yours is pretty much the only car on the road. Suddenly your phone shows a notification, “AirTag Found Moving With You.

The location of this AirTag can be seen by the owner.” Basically, some tracking device is moving on you and a third person knows your exact location.

Scary? Now imagine it happens to a girl. Scarier? Well, the scariest part is that this scenario is not limited to your imagination. It happened in real life, to a real girl named Jeana. She took to Twitter to share her ordeal, and it is horrifying how easy technology has made it to track people without their consent.


She found the AirTag stuck on the underside of her front passenger wheel.

Sadly, she is not the only one to be a victim of such an incident. Several other women like her have gone through the same thing in the recent past, all thanks to Apple’s AirTags.

AirTag – A Violation Of Privacy

“Privacy is a fundamental human right” –  these are the words rightly mentioned on Apple’s website. Its new product, however, makes infringing upon people’s privacy easier than ever before.

It is designed in a way that the owner’s name or detail is not revealed. So, there’s no way to know who’s tracking you.

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To overcome this, the company came up with Find My Will that will notify you about any AirTag tracking them. Basically, the person getting tracked gets the notification on their iPhone about the same. But, what if an android user is getting tracked? For this, they launched an app but the app users have complained of a few technical glitches which the company promises to improve over time.


But, the problem is that even after the victim gets notified, they cannot easily find the AirTag because it is so small. Moreover, sometimes the notification takes hours or even days to buzz the phone.

The Police in Canada warned the public that thieves are using AirTags to steal cars and other high-end vehicles.

Technology doesn’t come without its perils and it can backfire easily. Tech companies need to be more responsible before launching tracking devices that have the potential to do more harm than good.

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