New Delhi [India], June 01: Every ordinary person dreams, but only a man, driven with passion and dedication, turns these dreams into reality. Such is the story of an enthusiastic young mind who knows how to utilize assets in building the future and taking the nation forward.

Sanyam Gupta, from Rohini, Delhi, has proved that age does not matter in achieving great heights. The 20-year-old has already established an accounting-based company called ‘FinXpres’ that provides all accounting, legal and corporate solutions under one roof. However ironic this may seem, the kid who was once told not to fiddle around with math and accounts is now basically scooping out the most significant ideas and bringing about changes in the same fields. He was the mastermind behind the launch of an associate program that turned the company’s fate once and for all.

In a country where the greatest fear is sitting ideal with a degree in hand because of the brutal competition and lack of opportunities, Sanyam introduced freelancing to newly qualified chartered accountants who otherwise would have been lost in the vast world looking for opportunities. He made it an obvious priority that fresh talent would not go in vain like that in his presence.

Exploring the paths of the business sphere and expanding economy in the developing liberal world, he knew that mere talent and interest just was not enough. The choice to earn a degree was hence made. After a two-year diploma study at Seneca College, Canada, he chose to return to his homeland beaming with confidence and rightful credentials.

Not only was he better informed about the managerial and entrepreneurial grounds, but he was deeply motivated to put his expertise to good use for his nation and its talented youth. He wanted to help and steer these emerging ships in the right directions. Sanyam formed his inspirational and powerful ideology to channel the youth’s power to integrate collective growth at this very point.

A government alone can never make a change; non-government organizations play a crucial role in changing the situations on the ground level. Sanyam started an NGO called the ShubhLabh NGO. The core ideology behind establishing this organization was to help the youth in various ways possible, be it enhancing their ideas and knowledge of the upcoming opportunities or the essential chore of providing support for these budding enterprises. He conducted workshops to inform them about the new comings, provided necessary equipment to lift their ideas into existing works of art, and took into hands the vast responsibility of offering a workforce to these start-ups. For a man who gave rise to an organization to bring about change, he quite literally did meet the bar for it.

His most recent piece of work is his shared partnership with a media production company called Rohini Media. An endeavor striving to simplify the world of design and graphics for everyone, the company works with big and small brands. It makes it possible to bridge the gap between the millennials and generation Z, for design systems and web presence is the one efficient way to converge both and integrate them into an optimally benefitting setup.

What makes him inspiring and worthy to look up to a human is his determination and mindset to ease the existing and bring about brand new and quality content to the table. He posts regularly on Instagram and runs his podcast called ‘The Sanyam Gupta Show’. He invites young entrepreneurs like him and chit-chats with them. The podcast is all about entrepreneurship and self-improvement content where he discusses real problems that are present on the zero levels and finds practical solutions. The Sanyam Gupta Show focuses on spreading awareness among the youth regarding all challenges young entrepreneurs face while getting a new venture started. Every young man should watch his videos to know about day-to-day business problems and learn from his experiences. Follow @sanyamxgupta on Instagram to know more and connect with him on all major platforms for the best advice.



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