Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], June 01: Ritiqa Pachauri is one of the boldest and a much-needed voice in Indian Literature in modern times. Her stories stand out not only because of the plot but also due to the narration and portrayal of strong, rebellious women who are the torch bearers of her stories. 

She has started gaining popularity amongst young high spirited women who are as rebellious and determined as the protagonists in her novels. Ritiqa is started being known as the ‘Literary Rebel’ of modern Indian Literature.

Being a high-spirited writer, Ritiqa believes in writing something that inspires her readers. She quotes, “My stories are meant for strong women and sensitive men. They are meant to bring a change amongst the one reading them.” Her writing is inspired by the legends like- Sidney Sheldon, Paulo Coelho, and Willow Rose. She also admires authors like Stephanie Meyer and Paula Hawkins. 

Talking about the heroines of her novels- Ananya from her first novel- The Affair, is a simple girl next door who falls for a married man, but after realizing her folly not only corrects her path but also emerges as a strong-willed woman.

Radhika from her second novel- Virago which went on to become an Amazon bestseller, has a picture-perfect life but is actually rotten in reality. She decides to leave her successful career as a Chartered Accountant, her son, and her abusive husband to chase her dream of becoming a Bollywood star. She faces numerous hurdles in her path but is determined to cross them all. And in the end, she does.

“One needs to get detached to get a clearer perspective of oneself. Detached from the expectations, desires & pressures of society and the strongest of them all fear. Fear suppresses you, makes sure you remain where you are.”

“As the day progresses, the tug of war between our minds and our heart intensifies. It is a vicious cycle that goes on and on throughout our lives until we pick a side.”

“When you start a new endeavour, you become more alert. A storm of emotions engulfs you…Unsettling the settled and creating a fresh life out of scratch.” 

Virago received much-deserved applause from the readers as Ritiqa’s fresh perspective and bold narration in this novel worked wonders to motivate many across the nation. 

Shelly from her latest novel- Happily Frustrated, becomes an alcoholic after her husband leaves her for another man. She spirals down into a self-sabotaging journey that seems to have a tragic end. But Shelly recovers. The narration of this novel is different from the previous two novels. It’s witty and doesn’t fail to deliver a punch when required.  

“Cool breeze kissing my face, vodka flirting with my nerves, and music which my ears had now got used to…”

“I was always able to handle sarcasm with my stomach loaded.”

“When I embraced my past, my present started loving me.”

Ritiqa is currently working on her fourth novel which is crime fiction. This is the first time she’s trying her hand in this genre but we know that this one too will be a maestro.



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