The discrimination we see toward the service staff is nothing new, although unfortunate regardless. People often are quick to lose all respect and common courtesy when it comes to workers like maids, house helpers, drivers, delivery boys and more.

A recent notice by a housing society in Hyderabad has fired up the debate about how these people are treated in our society once more.

What Does The Rule Say?

On X/Twitter platform, user @RuthlessUx brought the notice to attention with the caption “As a society, we are programmed to hide our dark and dirty secrets and today we think the people who do our hard labour work cannot coexist in the same space as we are. In case they are caught? Like it’s a crime? A fine of 1000? It’s probably 25% of most of their salary.”

In the attached image, she posted a notice by a housing society in Hyderabad that read “Housemaids, delivery boys and workers should not use passenger lifts. In case they are caught, they will be fined ₹1,000.”

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The notice went viral online when it started to get shared on 27th November and so far some posts have gotten more than 5 lakh views and hundreds of comments.

A lot of people took offence to this notice and jumped online calling out the discrimination and how Indian society still needs to work on itself in these areas.

One person commented, “We can eat food cooked by them, have our kids cared for by them, etc but somehow we don’t want to be seen to be using the same lift or space with them.”

Another wrote “Horrible. The delivery companies (couriers, restaurants and others) should ask people to come and pick stuff up from downstairs. If you can’t treat people who deliver stuff to your door well, then go and get the stuff yourselves.”

One user commented ”Indian middle class and upper middle class staying in urban centers is one of the most classiest and racist communities. I have seen physical demarcation in many societies. More pronounced in high-end gated communities.”

Some did defend the notice with one saying “Wrong interpretation. Separate lifts are so that all service providers can use their own so less traffic congestion on the resident’s lifts. Societies which do not have separate service lifts face huge waiting times in peak hours.”

Another wrote ”Every building has something called a service elevator. It’s the nature of the work they do, they shouldn’t cause inconvenience to tenants and other public using the space. This is normal. Shut up and sit down.”

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