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Holographic technology – Virtual vision


Holographic display
Holographic display

Just imagine if you can experience playing baseball in the Yankees stadium, without making a move from your residence. Imagine having a conference in an empty room with virtual presence of people. A pioneer in the virtual world technology is what can make such innovations possible. So yes, “Holography” it is that can make human-kind’s survival vulnerable to a minimum.

Again if anybody has predicted this long before the idea was generated, the credit goes to Star Trek. Yes Holography is the phenomenon of projecting 3D objects in mid-air.  The most advanced way of interacting with a virtual environment.  It involves the use of a laserinterferencediffraction, light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the recording. Discovered in the late 1960’s after intense research in this field by the Noble Prize winning Hungarian-British Physicist Dennis Gabor.

A Highly expected tool in near future to ease man-kind’s necessities. To pessimistically quote it “We don’t quite realize the fact that machines are not dependable and if we don’t stay precarious then we can fall prey to those inventions and innovations designed by our very own mind.”  It is all fashionable to see them being used by Tony Stark or any other fictional characters but again to realize it’s fictitious.

Well holographic technology are used in our day to day purchases as well. They are known as holograms which are used mostly in publications to ensure they aren’t duplicated. The base silver colored multi-dimensional sticker exhibiting multi-colors is something that would authenticate any book as original.

Now if you are fascinated by this mesmerizing technology then there is a kit that is available online called “Hologram Kit”. Which enables you to build your own setup for a holographic display. This is something that is absolutely cool. Partly makes you feel Tony Starkish…!

By Aditya Vashist



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