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Run out of Good TV series? Try These New Historial TV Series


A friend of mine recently shared this picture on Facebook.

Post which, I suggested quite a few TV series to him, but he’d mostly watched all of them and said he was bored of the same TV series- crime, drama and romance. I asked him if he’d watched Reign, or Sleepy Hollow and he hadn’t even heard of them. he scoffed when I told him they were based on historical events (he watches pretty mainstream Television).

‘Seriously? Wasn’t high school enough that you want to bore me some more?’


But but but. When he watched Reign and The Tudors, he took me out for ice-cream!

So here are some of the newest historical TV Series you should look out for.

1. War and Peace

Elaborate costumes. Lavish balls. The Winter Palace! Handsome men dressed to the nines in military uniform! What else could you want?! Dubbed as ‘a classic with cleavage’ y Russian critics, the makers could teach all others in the market a trick or two about how to create a great period drama. Perfect for anyone who is a fan of detail. Compressing a four book narrative with a two part epilogue into an eight hour series (which might seem a bit too English) is a little more than slightly insulting, it is worth every second.


 2. Dickensian

Nothing short of bliss for Dickens’ fans, this series coalesces most of the major characters from Charles Dickens’ novels in one Victorian setting. That too Inspector Bucket investigating the murder of Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge’s partner. It is quite clear Tony Jordan has an excellent grasp of the characters and their depths, and does not end up making it a complete fiasco, even after adding Agatha Christie to the mix. I’d suggest you watch Bleak House too. One can never have too much of Dickens.


3. Deutschland 83

It is a German TV series set in 1983 where a young soldier of East Germany is sent to the West as an undercover spy for the Stasi, the Ministry for State Security. Seeing divided Germany and the Cold War up-close, combined with a coming-of-age narrative, Deutschland 83 is a dream for anyone who lovers a good thrill.


 4. The Last Kingdom

This is an eight part show based on the series of historical novels knows as The Saxon Stories, by  Bernard Cornwell. Set in 872, the land of the Anglo-Saxons (England) has been annexed by the Danes and the eternal dilemma- is blood thicker than water? Also, loads of action, courtesy-Vikings.


5. Poldark

For the lover of the meainstream. American war soldier returns home to find his estate in a wreck and his lady-love engaged to another man. They way the characters are introduced, and everything is revealed slowly, to let the viewer keep guessing, is simply brilliant! To start from scratch, life and love, in the breathtaking Cornish countryside with a plethora of secrets. Ahh!


6. Versailles

I’m pretty sure that most of you didn’t even know that Louis XIV shifted his entire court from Paris to Versailles as a symbol of royal absolutism. Well, you’ll definitely come to know a thing or two about the politics and dynamics involved in building the greatest palace in the world. No, it is not boring, this mini-series will transport you to 17th century France and make you wish you never ran out of popcorn.

7. Wolf Hall

The award winning TV series is based on Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies, two Booker Prize winners by Hilary Mantel. Six hours, rags to riches, England, and of course, great costumes. What else could you want from a period drama?

Or, you could just watch Downton Abbey.


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