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Planning To Sit On Your Butt All Summer? These Hilarious TV Shows Will Keep You Company


In this day and age, where a sense of humour is equated with the number of racial, sexist, homophobic slurs you can use in a punch line, I present to you, some wholesome hilarious shows to keep you company in this hot summer –

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

“Do I even weigh anything to you?”

Where else can you find a show that has a supremely diverse cast with characters that don’t conform to the “conventional gender stereotypes”?

It is always a beautiful thing when women aren’t cast as either the dumb arm-candy or the nerdy uptight shrew. Rosa, Gina, and Amy are badass women in their own respective ways and it shows.

And how refreshing is it to see a big macho “man amongst men” – who in any other “conventional” trope would have been cast as the overconfident douche playboy – cast as an absolute softy who loves his friends and adores his daughters?

This is how real people are. Different. Unique. They don’t conform to arbitrary gender stereotypes set by a pig-ignorant society.

Or rather, they shouldn’t.

So go ahead and binge on this masterpiece.


  1. Bob’s Burgers:

If you have a dry sense of humour then look no further because you, my friend, have stumbled upon the holy-grail of all hilarious shows. It relies on puns and wit and sarcasm and more puns.

Just sit back, relax and let Louise Belcher inhibit your soul and become your spirit animal ; get ready to vehemently relate to Tina as she has an existential crisis every second episode ; sing along with Linda and her god-awful (or awfully good?) songs she makes up for every little occasion; laugh as Bob comes up with a pun-tastic “burger of the day”, every single day; and enjoy Gene’s lil show as he performs a self-composed song recorded entirely out of farts.

Let the show take you on a ride as it makes perfect parodies of cinematic masterpieces like Game of Thrones and Jaws and you’ll remember what humour truly means.

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  1. Parks and Recreation:

TBH, we all relate to this one some level

QUESTION: What do you get when you put the following people in the parks department of a local government?

  • A woman with a fierce love for scrapbooking and waffles.
  • An evil apathetic intern who loves dogs
  • An energetic loving puppy-man who names his band “Mouse-Rats”
  • A geek who goes on to invent ‘the ninth highest-selling multiplayer figurine-based strategy fantasy sequel game in history’
  • A man who hates people almost as much as he hates the government


If you don’t find your spirit animal in this series, you might never.

Disclaimer: The first season is a mess. Every person I know who has watched the show agrees. Amy Poehler agrees. Greg Daniels definitely agrees. But don’t skip it. Cuz, good news, the first season is only 6 episodes long.


  1. The Office:

It’s been years and I still can’t get over this joke

You thought I forgot about the other masterpiece that was the result of the Greg Daniels/Micheal Schur partnership? Come on.

I’d like to formally address all the people who don’t like the show. Please stick with the show till Season 3. It will all be worth it. By the time you roll around to the series finale, you’ll be bawling your eyes out.

Steve Carell is a genius and Jim and Pam are my OTP.

I have to admit, however, that this show isn’t a “wholesome” comedy. It takes some risqué decisions.

But the good thing is that most of those are passed off to Steve Carell’s character because he might be the only actor who handles them with such finesse that he ends up more endearing to the audience than he was before.

In the end, though, it’s one of the most ridiculously hilarious shows out there.


  1. Modern Family:

When it comes to hilarious shows featuring your not-so-typical family humor, this show doesn’t need an introduction.

Three functionally dysfunctional families. Three imperfectly perfect families.

This show has known to have beautiful messages at the end of most of their episodes.

When life gives you lemonade, always remember W.W.P.D.D. (What would Phil Dunphy Do?), and make lemons. Life will be all like “Whaaaaa?”.

Honorary mentions in no particular order –

  1. 30 Rock
  2. Schitt’s Creek
  3. New Girl
  4. Black-ish
  5. Rick and Morty
  6. Bojack Horseman

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Nithya Balaji
Nithya Balaji
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