Mother’s Day.

A day to show your love and appreciation for your mother.

But, the other days (except, if she’s lucky, her birthday) are to treat her like a household help and shout at her if she’s not conforming to everything you want.

*slow claps*

I love how your idea of loving your mother is restricted to posting a photo of her on social media with an intelligent Googled caption. Of course, your love is also validated by the number of ‘likes’ your post is getting. If it gets like, 50 likes in 12 hours, you’ll automatically search for a better picture, and in all probability, one that has your pretty face in it.


My WhatsApp story is full of Mother’s Day pictures. My Facebook news feed is full of Mother’s Day posts. My Instagram is full of pretty women showering love on their mothers.

Some of these pretty women live far away from their mothers and do not bother to spare one phone call in a day to their old and now useless mothers, or for that matter, fathers.

Many of these pretty women’s (and men’s) mothers are not even on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

How unfortunate that they cannot see their children’s exuberant love.


In fact, I’m thankful that these mothers are not on Facebook so that they don’t know how pseudo their children are.

I have come across people who cancel their mothers’ phone calls because they’re with friends. Heck, even I am guilty of doing it sometimes.

What is the point of it?

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After Mother’s Day, we are all going to get busy with our selfish lives and behave badly with our mothers if they don’t conform to our idea of living. If our mothers happen to be housewives, we are going to be misogynist fools to our mothers when they don’t like something we do and exasperatedly remark,

“How would you know mom? You’ve been only a housewife all your life.”

But of course, we will not forget to share blog posts which say how the society needs to recognize the efforts of the Indian housewife.

How morally high we all are! We are always quick to notice when our mothers are not ‘acting her age’. How many of you would react coolly if your mother decided to wear an off-shoulder to a party? All of us will be like,

“Mom, you’re too fat and this looks horrible on you.”

Body shaming? What is that, please?

When we get really irked with someone, the word


is always going to spill out of us with elan. Like, we’re not grossly disrespecting someone’s mother with that. But a profanity is not really a profanity unless you ‘madarchod’ it, right?

God forbid a lady doesn’t have a child. It is even worse if the lady doesn’t want a child. Society, in all its magnanimity, is ready to thrust upon her what a failure she is and how badly she is missing out on all the pseudo social media Mother’s Day celebrations. Really, you goddamned careerist-woman-who-doesn’t-want-a-child, your life is D-O-O-M-E-D.

Honestly, millennials. The hypocrisy in us disgusts me.

Go ahead. Log out of your Facebook account.

TALK to your mother. Tell her about your day. Ask her about hers. She has nothing to do throughout the day and no cake/post/selfie/gift can take away her loneliness. Don’t do it because it’s Mother’s Day.

Do it because you are living, breathing (and, unfortunately, being a hypocrite) today because of that lady and that man.

We are not fooling anybody except ourselves with that social media love. Our parents did not raise up to be pseudos. There is still time, change.

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