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HIKE-Keep close friends close!


By Mallika Sarna

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Adds Language, Offline Messaging, Stickers & More to Fuel Growth- TechCrunch

Isn’t the title appealing? Yes,Indeed,it is.What is hike all about?Hike is just like any other chat messenger with some exceedingly interesting and exceptional features. Why go for hike when there are plenty of famed chat messengers already? Your questions will be answered as you scroll down to read the article.

Like Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, BBM, Viber etc. Hike is another magnificent chat messenger which arrived in the market last year and was made with love in India. It was introduced by” BHARTI SOFTBANK” which is a joint venture between the India’s Bharti telecom and the Japanese firm Softbank. It had crossed 5M users in just four months, isn’t that surprising? It is also India’s answer to all the foreign applications. It is also the first chat application that aims to bridge the gap between smartphone and non-smartphone users. How is that possible? Let’s find out!

A very basic and a common question that goes through our heads upon seeing the topic is that, “How is it better and different from others?” Well, it is because of its amazing user interface, simple design and the attractive features of course!


Signing up for hike is pretty easy and quick and quite similar to signing up for WhatsApp. Its alluring features can get you addicted to the application. It recently launched its new feature which allow users to set fun images as their chat backgrounds with their friends anytime during the chat known as the” two way chat theme feature”. The company claims Hike to be the first IM player to introduce this unique feature.

Commenting on the feature, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Creator, hike messenger, said “Chat Backgrounds have been one of the most requested features from our users and today we’re launching it with a unique twist. We wanted to take it to the next level. The aim with Chat Themes is to highlight the unique emotion behind each conversation.”



Wait! That’s not all! If you’ve been worrying about privacy since a long time, then your concern for privacy shall come to an end after downloading hike as it allows you to hide your activities from unwanted stalkers. It also has some beautiful sticker packs that let you express yourself in a better way. Stickers speak louder than words! Haha! One can even update their status using different moods, isn’t that an interesting and unique way to express yourself in a stylish way? You can even send free text messages to non-hike users, even when you’re offline only via hike. Why worry if your friend does not own a smartphone? Carry on with your conversations unconcerned. This feature is just available in India as of now.Group chat with friends and family, send photos videos and more on hike and also with those who aren’t on hike via Free hike SMS.

Do you know what’s even more exciting? Each Hike user gets 100 Free Hike SMS every month to message those friends who aren’t on Hike, which gets replenished each month and the company will also be awarding each user with 50 free SMS per month for each friend they have invited to Hike. Other ways of inviting friends are through Facebook, Twitter and email.

It is a free app without advertisements! If you are looking for a full-fledged app, then give hike a try!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try without any second thoughts!


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