Having witnessed a variety of runways and fashion shows, we are always left with one question pressing at the back of our minds: Do these models ever smile?

Whether we choose to avoid the question or ask away without receiving any definite answer is of little significance. The question remains. 

And when thought about delicately, the fact that these models not only possess incredible physique but also beautiful faces should be enough to get a few smiles for them to flaunt around.

Strictly a no-smile zone

But that is clearly not the case. Even after being decked with garbs of utmost significance in the fashion industry and being in the limelight for extended periods, these models show not an ounce of a smile. 

Instead, their faces remain submerged in needless amounts of doom, sadness, and boredom. This makes me question the claims that “smile is the best makeup”. Either this or no one ever told these models about the power of a smile. 

A perennial trait of top model behavior seems to be miles away from any trace of a smile. But the fact remains the fashion industry’s love for a pouty and sultry look rules all.

top runway models 2020 and not an ounce of a smile to be found

But Models Do Smile At Times

Not denying the end-of-the-show smiles, but the entire duration of the runway remains a no-smile zone. Only at the end, when the designer presents flowers or the time for lauding the designer arrives, do these models allow us to get a glimpse of their beautiful smiles. 

Fashion editorials, too, have a similar case. As rare as it is to find a high-carb diet on a runway model’s dinner plate, a smile on their faces proves to be rarer. 

No matter the change in aesthetics or the designer’s fashion sense, one thing remains consistent: the miserable look on these models’ faces.

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Is There A Reason Behind These Miserable Looks?

Yes, there is a good enough reason why runway models do not put on optimistic expressions at all. It has a lot to do with the heritage of the fashion industry. 

This disdain comes from an aristocratic culture wherein the royal portraiture with this look suggested that the person belonged to a class above the common man.

safekeeping the heritage

A superior complex, if you may. This haughty look, with confident eyes, tight-lipped stiffness, and “I am superior to you” attitude comprised the package that scorned smiling at and conversing with people openly.

This was seen as a means to be a part of the European “upper class” that was civilized. Control over one’s emotions was also something they tried to convey with their attempt at looking unconcerned with worldly affairs.

Unshakable” was the term they yearned to be associated with. 

Coming back to runway models, perception rules their fate, and thus, their hair, makeup, dress, heels, all shape their person instead of their real identity. 

Furthermore, they’re exposed to ridicule, mockery, and bullying at one hand and laud, appreciation, and honor at the other.

Models Are Not Their Own Beings

When on runways, models cease to be their own beings. The designer they wear becomes their identity for the time being, and for this to work, remaining unbothered, expressionless, and unworried is the only way to go.

They have to look the same on behalf of the designer. This confidence trick has been in the industry for generations now. 

Runway models are taught not to exude personality. This strict rule is to avoid unnecessary attention to the model and thus, put undivided attention of the viewer towards the garb itself.

smiles divide the attention of the viewers and take away the required-undivided focus from the cloth itself

While on the runway, these models portray the designer’s personality instead of their own through the clothes they wear. I mean, it’s only fair since they’re “models”. 

Runways are not a place for models to be seeking validation. They’re solely for the designer and the clothes they display. 

Leaving Behind Personalities

That being said, runway models have no say when it comes to what object of mockery they might have to transition into. If the designer wants them to wear cone-shaped traffic lights, then that’s what they wear. 

Imagine if the models were smiling while sporting some of the most ridiculous outfits. 

no more scarecrows required
time to shine porcupine
oh no extroverts all around
my granny made it
sunny side up please
olaf is that you

This calls for a personality that’s not just open to change, whether good or bad, but also for a good sport to be an element that can put their dignity at stake. 

But the one on trial really is the designer. If the model smiles, it could be seen as a sign of embarrassment on behalf of the model and taken as an insult to the designer. 

So smiles are unaffordable for models. And honestly, with being so focused on not to slip and make themselves a laughing stock, where will they get the time to smile?

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Tribute to magazine, The Conversation, Fashion United

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