Bored of Burger King and McDonald’s? Is your tongue craving for a different taste which is more Indian?

If yes, then be ready to treat yourself. Here, we bring to you an escape from the same old fast-food joints. And this relief comes by the name of Burger Singh.

Burger Singh is a new destination for all of us to fill our stomachs

Burger Singh is first of its kind fast-food chain which has given an Indian twist to the firangi burger. Burger Singh may sound similar to the American fast-food giant, Burger King, but this one not only comes with its own quirkiness but also with many other benefits which distinguish it from fast-food chains all over the world.

How Did It Start

Kabir Singh was just another Indian guy who went abroad to secure an MBA degree. He used to work at a burger shop for their evening shift to make ends meet. He became different from the crowd when he started thinking out of the box.

One evening at the shop, he added a different set of spices to the burger patty, giving it an altogether different and Indian taste. His “fusion” burger gained popularity amongst his college friends and soon made its way into the burger shop’s weekend menu.

Soon after he came back to India with an Oxford degree, he started his own fast-food outlet in Gurgaon by the name of ‘Burger Singh’. What started from an experiment is now a company with revenue of Rupees 6.5 crores annually.

Why Choose Burger Singh

Searching for a legit reason for dodging the oldies and trying this? There isn’t one, there are many.

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  1. Taste

We resort to eating the normal burgers because of lack of options. Thus, our taste buds always remain insatiable. But why to compromise anymore when we the best blend of flavours which are truly Indian!

I’ve tasted the burger myself and can bet on it.

My Pick: Udta Punjab Burger with Dilli-6 Fries, Tony Pappeh Da Jeera Soda and Mittha Singh.

  1. Cost

Lured by the mouth-watering options but the cost is what stops you? This wonderful burger comes at a low cost, thus, fitting perfectly into our budget.

Ditch the oldies and give your burger a Punjabi twist

Worried about quality and quantity?

Despite the low cost, the fast-food chain has not at all compromised with the quality of the food and the quantity is enough to fill one’s stomach.

Secret: The BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer is still on, so grab your burger now. Also, to get more benefits, become a part of its loyalty program.

  1. Hygiene

Ever ordered food online and later struggled with the problem of washing hands? Do you hate when your mouth smells of onion or garlic?

When you order a burger from Burger Singh, it comes with a transparent packet in it. I call it the Wonder Bag. It consists of a sachet each of mustard and tomato sauce, two napkins, one small and cute hand sanitizer and a small packet of mouth freshener.

Bonus Reason: This fast-food chain has hired a really cute PR head we all can lose our hearts to. Her name is Venom Singh.

Daughter of a Dalmatian and Boxer, she is the first dog in India to hold a paid position in the QSR industry. She handles the job of the head of PR once done with chasing her tail and terrorizing strangers.

So, when you are getting an amazing burger with Indian taste, at low cost and wholesome quantity, why go somewhere else?

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Sources: Burger Singh, Business Today, Your Story

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