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What Happened After Amarnath Yatra Attack? : A Worrisome Prevalence


An unfortunate terror attack took lives of 7 pilgrims returning from Amarnath Yatra. The terrorists fired gun shots at the bus which was returning from the Amarnath Yatra, killing the pilgrims. The driver of the bus was quick to react and he drove the bus, despite having a punctured tyre, to a safe place saving 50 other pilgrims in the bus.


Terrorist attacks by Islamic terror groups have been beneficial in spreading anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic propagandas all over the world, mostly for political gains, even by some Islamic terror groups themselves. An Islamic terror attack does that within seconds of it happening. However, the present wasn’t the same.

In the times of anti-Muslim forces being active in the country where Muslims are being lynched, harassed, threatened on what they eat, what they say and what they do, the present terror attack came up as a hard digesting fact to them.

Though Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan based terror group, is said to have been behind the attack, the driver of the bus who was brave enough to save 50 other pilgrims was, Sheikh Saleem Gafoor, a Muslim himself.

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When the saviour and the attacker belonged to the same religion, an advantage from the incident by invoking religious outrage could not have been taken by the anti religious groups/communal groups. The reply to that was spreading fake news about him all over the social media.


Saleem being credited for his bravery was discredited by spreading fake information about the incident through unreliable sources. It was said that Saleem was not even driving the bus, it was Harsh Desai or Saleem was part of the conspiracy as to why did it take so much time to fix the punctured tyre or why wasn’t Saleem or the front side of the bus injured? And many other such baseless fake information was part of a sort-of-a mission to discredit his bravery.

All this fake information was spread in a fraction of seconds being shared by thousands and thousands of people all over the social media. Even a few esteemed media houses fell prey to this news.

The fake news was soon busted through websites that catch such fake propagandas from being spread. Even Harsh Desai, one of the survivors of the attack, told media that it was Saleem who was driving the bus.


It does worry us on the kind of communal distrust being attempted to be created and being maintained as it is in the country, where a person belonging to one religion cannot be trusted in any way or form.

It is needless to say that most of it is to gain political fulfillment and this kind of dissemination of fake propagandas attempts to create wide distances between various communities, not just Hindus and Muslims.

A Sigh

The Gujarat Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani has supported Saleem and wishes to nominate him for a bravery award. Rajnath Singh, Home Minister, has also been conveying messages of Kashmiriyat brotherhood on twitter. These were some relieving messages from the leaders of the country but eventually, it faded away with them getting hate by the anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir forces for the same. It was, however, a sigh to see solidarity among the masses on the incident in a positive way.

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Karanveer Singh
Karanveer Singh
The author is a law student, a musician, a songwriter and a poet based in New Delhi, India. He is avid in law, politics, society & philosophy and can be seen writing on the same.


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