Why are there no movies about ghosting, breadcrumbing and boys not responding to WhatsApp messages? Instead, we are made to suffer through 15th century-isque die-hard Romeo type senseless movies like Half Girlfriend and more.

I really want to ask, who does this much waiting and chasing in today’s date?

Kon karta hai ye sab aaj ki date mein?

Please, as a girl I really, truly want to see where these kinds of boys come from because at least me or my friends and acquaintances have never heard of any such stories. Stories where the guy pursues the girl till death and beyond and doesn’t rest until he gets her.

Real pyaar karne waale Majnu kahan hai? (stalker/rapist nahin)

This is exactly what I want to address with this blog and how Bollywood shows that there are boys who just lose their shit over a girl and will go to any lengths, fight against the world and more just for her love. Because frankly many of my friends would love to see such kind of boys.

Bollywood And Romance Like 2 Lovers At Different Places

Bollywood and Love have been eternal partners since time immemorial, but it seems like all long-term relationships this one too has reached a place where both the parties are in extremely different places.

While the concept of love and relationships is drastically changing with every passing day, the inclusion of same-sex relationships, different sexual orientations, introduction of terms like ghosting and breadcrumbing and more are contributing and expanding this area of human emotions.

Today’s love affairs are very different, and definitely not captured in our dear Bollywood movies. They are unattached and unromantic. People are quick to move on.

No one is singing ‘dukh bhare gaane’ when the girl goes away. No guys waits till death for her to love him back. 

Bollywood it seems is still stuck in the honeymoon phase where the guy and girl are willing to do anything for their love, or the Romeo-Juliet-Majnu phase.

We have already tackled the various issues that Bollywood propagates as love like stalking, harassment and more individually. But this time around let us see about how disconnected Bollywood actually is with today’s form of love.

It is truly baffling as to why Bollywood is not addressing the very real issues that ‘love’ is facing these days which is non-commitment, lack of loyalty, fear that your partner will disappear anytime without notice, and acceptance of having affairs with the mentality that ‘sab karte hai’.

Today’s relationships are very different from what Bollywood is showing. In reality, boys are no longer chasing after the girl for marriage and love (sleeping around, yes).

What Is The Reality Of Today?

Instead of the boys chasing girls as shown in movies, the reality is slightly different from that. These days it is the girls who are stepping up and doing the chasing and pursuing of the guy. Anywhere you look, be it the gym or school or college, girls are not afraid to go after a guy they like.

It is the guys who are indifferent to all this and are off in their own world and in some cases even insensitive towards the pursuer.

But even with this lack of effort that guys in today’s time make, there are always 2 versions, one where the guy is too cool for you, are complacent and make the girl do most of the work.

Or as Bhumi Pednekar’s character in Shubh Mangal Saavdhan correctly said ‘pichle ek mahine se taad rahe ho app. Phatu hai app?’ In this case guys are more than happy just stalking and staring at the girl from afar without taking any step forward.

Jump to 0.34^

Basically, the situation in today’s time is such that the guy does not want to make any effort whatsoever in order to have a relationship, and by chance, you do get in one, there is always the scare of them disappearing or leading you on indefinitely, like ghosting, breadcrumbing, benchingetc.


Bollywood needs to understand the changing face of love and relationships in today’s world and show realistic love stories.

Also, the time when boys would become lovesick majnu if their girl left them is gone now, boys move on quickly these days.

No one is singing sad songs, instead, are going out for daaru and chicken with their friends the very next day, and finding someone new to stare at.

Of course, a reason why guys are not approaching/chasing/pursuing girls like in Bollywood films, could be because of the fear that misplaced feminism has created. The terror that tomorrow if a guy approached a girl and she reacts in a manner that is not justified could result in backlash and accusations of being a stalker and harasser is something that is causing guys to not make the effort they would have been making say 5 years ago.

All in all, I would just like to say that the way today’s generation sees and experiences love is extremely different from how it is being portrayed in Bollywood and it is high time they get a reality check.

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