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Guillermo Pharis, A star in the bridal fashion industry


Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them, especially on your very special day, your wedding. A growing fashion designer, Guillermo Pharis designing fashion is just like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same choices, you need to evolve every time. Guillermo Pharis is now a known name when it comes to the bridal fashion industry.

Pharis was born in Honduras and started his career as a fashion designer when he was about 24 years old, but it was long before that, he identified his passion for the fashion industry. Growing up, being influenced by the industry giants Christian Lacroix, Hubert de Givenchy and Christian Dior, Pharis knew he was made for things larger than life. Since his teen years, Pharis was determined to leave his mark on the 1.5 trillion dollar industry.

Trained at The Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the finest fashion schools, located in New York City, Pharis honed his artistic skills and learned more about several concepts. His time at this institute was amongst the first stepping stones to success that turned out to be a great learning experience. 

Pharis started his very own bridal fashion clothing line in 2018, called GIA ATELIER NEW YORK, which soon gained recognition for its made-to-measure gowns, Bridal collections, Gender neutral ready-to-wear, and shoes. Pharis’s brand is built on his substantial experience, which he gained by working with leading companies as a designer, production manager, and freelancer, and pure talent garnered into something extraordinary. 

During his career, Pharis launched multiple collections such as Eye candy (2017), Flora (2018), Whisper (2019), and others. The highlighting feature of Pharis’s work is that it is purely inspirational. Pharis takes on his muses and turns them into his finest works, for example, his debut collection, Eye Candy, was inspired by American painter Bruce Gray and his fascination with colors, which is reflected in the entire collection. Similarly, his first couture collection, Flora, was inspired by the French artist Henry Mattise.

Each outfit by Pharis is a culmination of sheer ethereal imagination blended with embellished, embroidered perfection. Shot in the busy lanes in the industrial beauty that is New York City, Pharis’s collection sums up the essence of what designers should strive for. Pharis became a rising star in the bridal fashion industry, within two years, known for his global brand WHISPER by Guillermo Pharis. What separates him from other fashion brands is his absolute attention to detail, couture classical style, impeccable designs made from luxury materials imported from Italy, fine silk, and of course, the signature crystal beaded embroidery. 

Pharis is widely regarded to have a couture spirit that is in no doubt visible in his collections. Embedded in his collection is a significant show of layers, nets, embroidered patterns that are morphed into misty colors of water-washed silk in pearl whites. The resemblance of Pharis’s WHISPER collection to Victorian fashion is something that is widely applauded. 

There is no end, there is no beginning, there is only the passion of life that will keep fashion designer Guillermo Pharis driving, but perhaps it is the end of the beginning. 

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