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A Guide to Buying Your First Car


Buying your very first car is always a challenge. It can often feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, so let this guide help you out.

Look at All the Buying Options

There are so many ways in which we can buy cars these days. It used to be the case that you either had to buy straight from the manufacturer or head to a dealer. There are other options out there now there. And that’s not to say that those old methods of buying are not useful too. The internet has made selling and buying cars from driver to driver easier than ever before. There are lots of websites that list cars that are up for sale. And buyers can browse them and look for the best deals out there. It’s important to consider all these buying options when looking for your first car.


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Ask Plenty of Questions

You can never ask too many questions when you are buying a car from someone. There are many very good reasons for asking lots of questions. For a start, you can’t find out what you need to know about the car until you ask. And you need to know all the important stuff before you buy it. That’s the obvious reason to ask lots of questions of the seller. But you can also get a feel for the seller and their intentions when you ask them lots of questions. If they seem shifty or uncomfortable when you ask them these questions, that’s a sure sign that something is wrong. They might be hiding a fault with the car. Or, in extreme cases, it might even be a stolen car.

Consider the Warranty and Other Perks

There are lots of extras and perks that come with buying a car. This is most commonly the case when you buy a brand new car. Many of these perks aren’t of much interest to you. But the one that you should really pay attention to is the warranty. It’s vitally important to make sure that you buy a car that has a long warranty attached to it. When you buy from Currie Motors, you can get a good warranty. So, keep that in mind when you’re browsing. It’s all about thinking about the long-term and not the short-term.

Ask a Knowledgeable Friend to Help You

It’s always easier to buy with confidence when you have someone by your side who knows what they’re talking about. If you have a friend who is a mechanic or simply know a lot about cars, they should come with you when you are browsing and buying. If you are buying a used car, the dealer might try to con you if they suspect that you don’t really know what you’re talking about. But when you have someone with you who is obviously knowledgeable, the dealer will be less likely to sell you a dud. Also, there are many problems with cars that can be hidden to the naked eye. Having someone give the car a once-over can help to reveal those problems before you hand over the cash.



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