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A Guest Permanently at Home- Superstitions


By Samiksha Agarwal

Me- “Mom, I am going to get a haircut”

Mom-“Okay, but wait, today is which day?”

Me- “Thursday, mom’’

Mom- “So, don’t you know you aren’t supposed to do this today?”

Me- “But mom, listen…”

And our argument continued…

This is a routine at home. Mom believes that by doing certain activities on a particular day we might invite misfortune and all hell will let loose. I must tell you, my mother is a very practical woman but while she is saying all this I wonderif she really is one

I often hear her saying- “Beta, aaj Tuesday hai, ye mat karo” or “Ye ashubh hota hai”

Damn! Give me a break!

Moreover, on asking for reasons there are none!

I believe that superstitions are baseless; they have their origin in lack of rational belief and lack of scientific attitude. Their origin can be traced back to prehistoric times when people did not have knowledge and exposure as we have today.

As science progressed, logic tried to capture the seat in the Indian household but superstitions were like a ‘guest permanently at home’, they refused to leave

To list down some very popular ones-

Cat crosses your path while you are on your way to some place. Stop, don’t you dare move ahead!!

If a student eats curd while going for an examination his success will be a sure shot. I will stop studying from today!! Kudos to curd!!

And “Ye to ultimate wala hai” (This is the ultimate one).You can’t wash your hair on a Saturday and can’t eat non veg on a Tuesday. Who knows you might have to face the wrath of the Gods.

Its sheer coincidence if something perverse happens; it’s only we who tend to perceive things in such a manner.

An entirely different level on which superstitions are practised is when we come to our all famous ‘Babas’.It’s so bizarre when people actually practise what these ‘Bhagwan ke doot’ ask them to. How can you cure diabetes by eating a ‘rasgulla’?

How can your business flourish if you eat golgappe regularly for 10 days?

All the more how can you perform exceptionally well in your career by eating some random stuff?

Reason and rationale, everything is wiped out.

As they say there is no shortcut to hard work but who doesn’t want to take one. People believe in such fake practices and end up suffering all the more.

It’s all the more alarming when one of the most logical people start believing in things which are completely baseless and lack rationality. As educated people we need to make people aware and save them. There isn’t any shortcut to hard work and no one in this world can escape suffering. Suffer what’s there to suffer and enjoy what’s there to enjoy but never stop believing in you. Nothing is more realistic and brainy than your own inner self.

The sad part is superstitions still remain!

Personally I believe that God is in our heart and after all these superstitions aren’t God made, they are man-made, right?

In the end you can’t escape them if you are an Indian.

All in all these “Superrrrrr se bhi uparrrr wale superstitions” are just very annoying.



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