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GS RichCopy 360 & Goodsync Review


 Demand for data replication and migration has seen a sharp rise in the last few years mainly due to storage cloud offerings and deployment of new operating systems such as Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. 

With the sudden switch for many companies globally to make data readily available to their employees while working from home, IT administrators started to migrate from file server shares which are normally accessible to remote users over VPN solutions to alternative solutions such as DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint online, Google Drive, and other file storage private cloud solutions such as Nasuni which do not require traditional VPN. 

Two of the leading migration tools we examined are GuruSquad GS RichCopy 360 and GoodSync due to the flexibility, feature sets, reliability, and according to their recent rise in consumer reviews. 

Wizard Driven:

Both applications offered wizards to create the jobs and were easy to follow. You could choose a variety of cloud providers with many different features to choose based on the cloud provider you choose. 

Multithreading Capability:

Multithreading (ability to copy files simultaneously) was a huge feature that we examined that is rarely found in other tools. Both seemed to perform well until we crossed over four threads. GS RichCopy 360 seemed to be much more robust as we increased the number of threads. It is likely due to 100% multithreading parallel processing which breaks dependency on Core0 to manage all other threads. Due to limited hardware for benchmarking, we were able to test with 128 threads before we observed some CPU contention. GS RichCopy 360 can scale up to 256 threads as long as the hardware has the available computing resrouces. GS RichCopy 360 offered an intelligent recommendation guide as to how many threads should be used according to the available CPU type and cores available. 

Cloud Options:

GoodSync provided more cloud provider options. However, we noticed that some of the tests we conducted did not seem reliable copying to a few cloud providers. According to the testers, it could be an issue with the cloud provider, need of further API optimizations, or the integration is not intended for heavy workloads. Other cloud providers worked flawlessly such as 

Run as a Service:

Both solutions offered the ability to run in the background as services. This feature is important which it comes to copying deltas on routinely basis with little to no administration overhead.

Elevated Privileges:

Elevated privileges feature was also a feature that we focused on due to the numerous errors could be presented when administrators lack the proper NTFS permissions. Both applications performed well and up to par.

Long File Name Support:

Long path name worked flawlessly in GS RichCopy 360 in all tests copying to local and cloud providers. GoodSync seemed to struggle with some long path in some of the tests. We were not able to pinpoint why it worked in some scenarios but failed in others. Though, when it failed, it did not produce any errors in the log.

Folder Timestamp:

Folder timestamp was a feature that we found available in GS RichCopy 360 but rarely found in any other applications. This is useful as in any copy job, folders on the destination reflect the copy date as opposed to reflecting the original folder dates in the source. 


A good product is not limited to its features and robustness. Support plays a great role in such determination. GoodSync offers a lot of documentation and online FAQs, their support however, took two business days to respond which is can be acceptable for non-urgent needs.  GuruSquad on the other hand, offered less online material but their support responded within 30 minutes of our initial contact and answered our phone call as they listed a phone number to call on their website.

 In-Transit Encryption:

Both products offered AES 256 bit encryption option along with byte-level replication. Such features are rarely found in Microsoft Windows replication tools and considered to be premium options. 

Pricing and Licensing:

Last but certainly not the least, is pricing.A license is required for the source and target. GoodSync costs roughly $350 on an annual subscription basis. This was a recent change as their licensing is no longer perpetual. Different operating systems have different pricing (Server vs. Workstation). Pricing can however be a bit tricky due to the different features offered.

GuruSquad licensing is based on perpetual licensing and requires a license for the source only. Regardless of operating system, the pricing of the standard version is $49 and it includes all the features. There is an enterprise version that is offered for $129 and includes all features available.

It is important to note that there are different pricing offerings when it comes to cloud overall: 

1) Perpetual licenses: You own the licenses once you purchase them and they do not expire. GuruSquad (GS RichCopy 360) offers that license.  Regardless of how much data you copy, it is irrelevant.

2) Subscription based: You lease the license for a year. After the year has elapsed, the software become inoperable. Regardless of how much data you copy, it is irrelevant. This plan is ok if you are looking to migrate data only where it is temporary.

3) Pay per Consumption: Other cloud providers charge per gigs transferred. While such solutions can seem to be cost effective, a single license could quickly become very expensive over time as data growth can be unpredictable.

In conclusion, both products performed well in our tests and proved to be reliable products when it comes to data migration to on-premise and cloud destinations. Pricing of both products seem to be affordable and include premium features.

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  1. We used to use Goodync until they switched to subscription which is when management forced us to switch to something else (non-profit) with limited budget. A colleague referred us to GS RichCopy360 as he had a black friday coupon which I used last month and still gave me 50%… I chatted with their support to make sure the license would not get disabled and they validated it was perfectly fine as the number of licenses allocated has not been sold out. Coupon used BLKFSPL50 just apply it as you check out


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