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GoT Season 5 Episode 1 leaked !


It’s the episode we’d all been waiting for over a year now. The fourth season had left us all hanging with those twists. Season 4 finale ‘The Children’ rendered Tywin Lannister dead and depicted how being counted among the living is especially important when, like Bran, you find yourself in a literal life and death struggle against the undead. So far we know that Tyrion has escaped King’s Landing, our breaker of chains, Khaleesi’s biggest dragon, Drogon, is nowhere to be found,  Arya Stark has set sail for Braavos, bidding us a ‘Valar Morghulis’ goodbye. The finale, ‘The Children’, definitely had a common thread, and it’s right there in the title – Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion all defied papa Tywin. Dany’s dragon “children” defied mom. Jon Snow took a leadership role. The Children of the Forest rescued Bran, and Arya set out on her own.


Now, much to the dismay of George R. R. Martin and and TV network HBO, the anticipated first episode of season 5 of fantasy drama series Game of Thrones has been leaked online prior to its original premier night of 12th April, 2015. A hacker’s group named ‘So Original’ have been said to be behind the leak. It’s a major blow to HBO which will suffer staggering losses due to poor TRP and spoilers before the episode actually airs. This is similar to the recent hack into Sony Pictures Entertainment’s network that prompted the entertainment company to later allow a theatrical and online release of the movie ‘The Interview’ at Christmas. HBO hasn’t yet released an official statement on their plan of action, however they’d definitely go into damage control mode.

Coming to the plot, it’s more twisted than its initial seasons. We’ve got three characters for you to watch out – Tyrion Lannister, Khaleesi and those badass dragons. This might be the best season premier so far ! You can’t afford to miss it.

So be quick, visit the link below to catch the episode, while the link is still active :


























P.S. As much as we love Game of Thrones and how George R. R. Martin kills our favourite characters, we can’t help but say Broooooo, you’ve been duped! Go and wait for another two weeks before the first episode airs! Happy April Fool’s Bitches!!!

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