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Google ‘charges’ up Alessandro Volta


Google has never left any stone unturned to stuff the web with information. The coolest of the ways are their doodles. Keeping in mind the number of times all of us visit Google, their age old logo would have made all our searches so boring!

So the ‘amazing’ Google saves us the monotony. They are definitely the uncrowded champs in this.

These doodles not only succeed in making their web page more colourful and attractive but also aware people of the various ‘not so popular’ important events. Today is no different.

The google doodle honours Alessandro Volta, the forefather of the modern battery, today.


It’s the 270th birthday of the relatively unknown Italian physicist who in the year 1800 published a theory which led to the modern battery.

Rightly said, he threw metal strips in saltwater and changed the world forever!

About the Doodle:

The layout features the battery dead center where it would simply light up the letters in Google.

One key idea is how the voltage of the battery increases as the stack grows. Electrical gauges, or voltmeters are added which animate with the stack. Ornamental symbols of copper and zinc are also added along with the base elements of a battery.

It has been made sure that the text appears in Italic to pay a tribute to the country which has given the world a prodigy like Alessandro.
Overall, the doodle gives us the feel of the first advertisement for the world’s first electrical battery.


About Alessandro Volta:

  • Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta’s idea for a battery began by accident when he was dissecting a frog with a friend and the frog’s leg twitched following an electric discharge. This led him to conclude that two different metals touching together had created the current.
  • He was the first person to isolate Methane gas. In doing so, Volta was able to discover that methane mixed with air could explode.
  • The unit of electrical potential ‘volt’ is named after him.
  • Prior to the Euro coming into circulation in 2002, Volta was featured on the Italian 10,000 Lire note.


The google doodle honours Volta’s discovery with an animated battery reminiscent of both a voltaic pile and a battery life reminder on a modern- day smartphone.
Volta’s battery unleashed a wave of new scientific discoveries. He is one of the best scientists the world ever produced.

P.S. This generation is particularly indebted to him for none of our laptops, phones, etc would’ve been the same without him!



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