DEVSOC is the brainchild of Codechef-VIT, a technical chapter among several others in VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology). In the midst of this cut throat competition, Codechef-VIT had to figure out a way to stand out. DEVSOC for the Codechet-VIT team is a bold representation of the chapter’s beliefs and values. That is their unique selling point.

Members of Codechef-VIT have always strongly believed in the strength that lies in unity. They ensure that everyone’s contribution is proportionate to their abilities. DEVSOC too, represents this idea- together, brilliant minds are unstoppable.

The team also believe that the talented and hardworking deserve recognition. But so do the bold. Everyone deserves a platform to put forth their ideas, not everyone is bold enough to do so. To expose a precious idea to a platform is to expose it to criticism and judgement. Those who march onwards against all odds with nothing to rely on but their wits, are unstoppable.

DEVSOC was conceived by a talented group of people who worked against all odds to bring it to fruition. Their determination was rewarded, as DEVSOC 2019 was incredibly successful, with over 1000 participants. 

It is with this rich history and these core values, that Codechef-VIT brings to you their annual flagship event, DEVSOC’20! As one of the most prestigious hackathons of VIT, the event hopes to empower young minds by bringing enthusiastic technocrats and thinkers under one roof. 

From 16-18th March, prepare to participate in 48 hours of intense, caffeine fuelled coding. It will be an experience to remember for anyone who wants to have their mettle tested, their brains exerted, and their ideas actualized.  

This year, the second iteration of the hackathon is being held with a goal to create a sprint like event, where participants create, hack, innovate to solve problems while adhering to the spirit of creativity and teamwork.

One of the motives of DEVSOC ’20 is to pick the brains of brilliant young men and women to obtain solutions to several real-world problems. DEVSOC ’20 provides 6 tracks dealing with relevant issues in today’s world. The tracks are – Healthcare, Sustainability, Fintech, Developer Tools, Internet of Things and Security.

DEVSOC ’20 will reward the 1st place winners with 50,000 INR, 2nd place winners with 20,000 INR and 3rd place winners with 10,000 INR. Besides these prizes, several other gifts and prizes will be distributed among worthy participants. 

Besides the technical aspects of a hackathon, DEVSOC’20 will also have a guest speaker, Ravi Pratap Singh. He is the co-founder of Learnnovators and will give the young minds participating an important insight on the tech industry.

DEVSOC will inspire its participants to possess the same spirit as those responsible for its inception. They would be inspired to well-rounded teams pushing each other and cooperating to ensure success.

They would be bold, talented and hardworking who would make the realization of their idea their goal. Driven by passion, the participants will charge through these three days, forming bonds and memories to remember and cherish.

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