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Gaming – Boon or Bane?


Article by Gayatri Sood



Ecstasy. The only word I can use to describe the pure bliss that goes through a gamer, like me, when spending time with my 42″ flat screen TV, a PS3 controller in my hand with a cool glass of Iced Tea on the side. Is it just me or are the creators of the Play Station pure genii? In general, a lot of people will have negative opinions on the gaming world and the effect it has on young minds. The violence, foul language and sexual content sometimes get the better part of parents. But, what they don’t realize is these games do not stray us away from our morals and values since they are based on pure fantasy. A sort of fantasy which has been fabricated from real life experiences. They teach many a things to young gamers, early in life, things which will eventually venture their way into their mind-set sooner or later. The positive aspects what I found helpful were most definitely and very odd at that, a larger addition of words to my vocabulary; be it profanities or what I call ‘intelligent’ words and military commands (Ha, Roger that!). The only downside I see is that when one is unemployed, they tend to sit on their royal-hinds all day long , ridden by depression in front of the idiot box wasting their time wailing, instead of getting their  heads out in the world and making something out of their monotonous lives. Oh and eyesight, not to mention how deviously damaging it can be to stare at a screen, killing ruthlessly for hours…

Accept it or not (dear parents and the conservative class) these gaming consoles are not going anywhere anytime soon, if anything, they are just getting bigger and better. With advancement in technology at a boggling rate, these gadgets are only getting (very oddly) slimmer and sleeker, so I say, hey! What’s the hold up? If you have place for that ginormous judgmental nature of yours or an oversized- top-of –the-line refrigerator, indulge a bit in your child, let him/her be happy, let the kid improve his motor skills, because let’s face it, in our generation going out and developing them with actual hard work, a touch of sports and a mix of fresh air, yeah, sorry, but we’re all lard-balls here and that, my friends (excluding those who are all super-active creatures of the day), is not going to happen.

So guys, share with us about your journey in the magnificent world of gaming through the comment box below!



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