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New Kids In Town (the rise of EDM)


INVASION It is happening again, happened in the 40’s with jazz, 60’s with Rock’n’Roll , in the 80’s with hair metal and the 90’s with grunge. It is happening again, and this time Electronic dance Music they call it. EDM artists are virtually overnight Rockstars with larger than life gigs and off the chart performances. EDM as they say is the next big thing.


There was a time when EDM was indie. A time not long back, when Daft Punk and Shop boyz defined dance music. Along came the pop revolution and changed the way people looked at dance music. With the likes of Madonna and Micheal Jackson, EDM got a changeover. EDM artists started experimenting with all kinds of music types, Reggae, Rock, Ska, even Surfer music. So it is safe to say that It has been through a lot. Flash forward to the 2010’s..

EDM is the thing today. All the cool guys know it and all the music producers with the fat cash know it. With the rise of artists such as Deadmau5, Avicii, Skrillex, the airwaves have been redefined and so have the charts. What Punk used to be to the Brits, What Rock’n’Roll used to be to the 70’s, grunge used to be for the generation X…EDM is to the ‘children of tomorrow’ as they call themselves. Mind you, it is a full fledged revolution!


I for one have always been more of a purist, just listen to good ol’ Rock n roll. You could go as far as to call me a sceptic. And there are many like me, who believed that we have left the golden age of good music behind already. But a week before, a friend of mine, who is into this HOUSE music, forcefully made me listen to this thing they called TOMORROWLAND. Things were never the same.

I just saw a bunch of dudes who called themselves Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas, they blew my mind. It was hip, it was groovy, it was art. They already knew when and what to hit at that exact perfect time. Their remixes were true, original and awe-inspiring. Then as I went back home next day, I couldn’t stop myself from listening to the whole thing. My thinking has been pretty much transformed. I really think that these guys know what they are doing. I used to think that they are just a bunch of buffed up dudes who make the machines do all their work. I couldn’t have been more wrong…

They say that edm is just a bunch of kids on drugs. Well, the last time, the ‘bunch of kids on drugs’ made Woodstock and Stones in the park. I patiently watch where this might go.  So to all my beloved purist friends out there, who believe in the generation X, in the Nirvanas and the Alice in Chains, I urge you to try this new thing. You just might be surprised with what you find.


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