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Gaby Guha – A Fashion Diva With A Beautiful Soul


The world of glamour and fashion has many stunning supermodels who always impressed their audience with their smashing and wonderful looks. But there are only a few persons who are beautiful from inside also, who thinks of others and have a pure heart. One such leading diva is Gaby Guha, who is ruling the fashion industry as well she has also a humanitarian attitude. She has flawlessly overcome all the difficulties of her life and achieved a lot of success.
From a very young age of seventeen she is one of the rising fashion queen who always follows her passion and keep moving forward towards the higher levels of success. In the early days of her career she faced a lot of trouble as the level of competition was very high and it took a lot of hard-work for a young new model to make her name in this ravishing industry. She worked for various sundry brands and other global companies in the begging.
As a result of her constant nail-biting struggle and her determination towards her goal led her to win the title of Miss Europe 2020 after defeating forty five super divas from all over the world. Along with this she also earned the titles of Miss Model Worldwide France 2018, and the Fashion Icon Award. She also become the face of many global brand and has judged many fashion shows. Many high brand agencies from different parts of the world including GAP, Elie Saab, Chaumet, Jean Lois David and many more make her face of their products. She even become cover girl of prominent magazines such as ICON Magazine, Playboy and GMORA Magazine. All these make her a super model of contemporary era.

Along with her eye-capturing figure and beauty, she also impressed her audience with her pure soul. She always engaged in humanitarian causes and has even campaigned to save girl child and extend monetary help for many girl’s career and their protection. She also never neglect her fans even after having a lot of work load. Gaby is really a beautiful soul with pure heart who always inspires and motivates others.

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