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Future Learn provides doers with an interactive skills matcher


Social learning experts FutureLearn have put together a new interactive tool aimed at those who are searching for their perfect skills match. For those who are trying to find a way into some of the most in-demand and lucrative industries in the world, the skills you need to apply for those jobs can become easier to understand, and that could give you the leg up you need.

Applying for a job will often require extensive reading-up and learning of the roles and skills required. Therefore, being able to understand the skills demanded to do that job is very important for any professional. As the world gets to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market has changed even more than the most pessimistic individual might have thought possible. Those seeking a new career or looking to step up in their current career path need to know the skills needed. However, ascertaining the skills needed for any advertised role can be a challenge based on the job description alone. With FutureLearn, the launch of an interactive skills matcher ensures that the most in-demand jobs in the UK job market can be easily understood.

Indeed, with the largest quarterly rise in redundancies taking place in the United Kingdom since 2009, many professionals will be forced to look for new avenues. Employment is becoming more difficult to obtain because the market is more stacked than ever with candidates looking to land the best role for themselves. With over 9.6 million jobs furloughed in the United Kingdom thanks to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, professionals from all over the country are currently assessing their future opportunities.

FutureLearn: Combatting rising unemployment through clarified opportunity

Indeed, with some 14.6% of ‘economically active’ 16-24 year-olds in the United Kingdom now unemployed, per the Office for National Statistics, there is a need for people to find employment in areas they might not immediately think about, or even understand.

FutureLearn’s new interactive skills matcher allows people to understand what jobs are in most demand, and what skills are needed to help fulfil the demand. The most commonly mentioned skills for major roles have been researched through extensive analysis of Google searches and trends from the past 12 months, then evaluated, broken down, and made easy to understand through an interactive tool that breaks down the data into easily digestible information.

Job seekers will be able to better find the jobs that are suited to the skills they already have, whilst also ensuring that future career progression can be focused on building any skills which are not an immediate match. This is an essential part of the process, and is a main reason why FutureLearn looks to provide an easy way for those looking for a new opportunity to ensure their skills match-up with the challenges expected in the role.

FutureLearn has focused on the development of a tool that can minimise wasted time applying for incompatible roles, as well as giving doers and jobseekers the chance to better refine the skills they need to bring to the table to land a role in a competitive environment.

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