Funniest News This Week: Trash It Trend It

Lots of news happened this week. Some were funny and some were more than funny.

Here is a compilation of all the news piece I found funny and why I found it funny.




After celebrating Diwali, when Delhi woke up the next morning, it was no more … visible.

The air was replaced by smog which was a result of crop burning in Punjab and firecracker burning in Delhi.

Well, at least now people know what not to do on next Diwali or this New Year or forever.

An view of smog covered CP
An view of smog covered CP


Ravish Kumar used mimes in his Prime Time this time to convey how questioning an authority is being slammed by the trolls. One mime was marked as “troll” and the other as “authority“. Whenever Ravish asked a question, the troll replied/mocked/retaliated on the behalf of the authority.

Later that night, 543 members of parliament were delivered a parcel of burnol.

Ravish Kumar uses mimes on his Prime Time show

Watch  the full video here:


Samajvadi Party completes 25 years as a party.

Kudos to Mulayam Singh Yadav for keeping a bunch of goons closely knitted for 25 years without getting arrested.

Akhilesh asking Mulayam to touch Shivpal's feet.
Akhilesh asking Mulayam to touch Shivpal’s feet.




At the Ramnath Goenka Awards for Excellence in Journalism this week, Indian Express editor Raj Kamal Jha, addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “In this era of selfie journalism, criticism from the government is a badge of honour for a journalist” 

And Narendra Modi in his mind would be going like: “Dafuq did he just say? Tu bahar mil pencho!”



The Ministry of IB has banned NDTV news for one day for displaying sensitive news relating the Pathankot attacks.

Too bad for those 11 people who watched NDTV.



Mohammad Rafi’s son Shahid Rafi is angry and has demanded an apology over the dialogue “Mohammad Rafi? Woh gaate kam, rote zyada the na?” in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

I don’t know much about Md. Rafi, but his son definitely cries a lot over petty issues.




Image Credits: Google Images.

See ya people next week you aaptard, libtards and bhakts.


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