The 2010s have certainly been an adventurous journey. The world saw a shift in its political dynamics, surfing on a wave of social media updates became our early morning ritual, the Gen Z officially grew up (Yes, folks. We can vote now!), and when the world was becoming too chaotic to deal with, Netflix Originals helped us escape to a perfect fantasy.

With 2019 coming to an end, we feel wistful as we reminisce about everything that happened to us and around us. But, enough with the nostalgia.  Since a brand new year is about to knock on our doors, let’s find out what could be the biggest events of 2020.


Even though the US elections will happen in November, the events leading up to it, the debates, and the emerging fight for the throne will probably be the most talked about event of 2020.


Beethoven’s music is an eclectic example of the term “eternal”. You have heard his music even if you are unaware of the fact that you have heard his music. That is how omnipresent his symphonies are, even 250 years after his birth.


The biggest sporting event in the world will happen in 2020. Transgender women, one of the most marginalised groups in the world, are going to participate in the Olympics for the first time. Yes, 2020 is all about inclusivity. However, this will also open the debate on whether or not transgender women have a competitive advantage over other women who will be competing in the same category.

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Will Boris Johnson live up to his promise of getting Brexit done? Will the UK finally leave the EU in 2020? How will this affect its relations with non-EU countries? Let’s wait till 2020 to find out.


Many analysts are worried that the world will head towards a global recession in 2020, while others suggest that next year is going to be a phase of recovery. What will happen? Only time will tell.


Gear up for a faster, more connected world than ever before. 5G phones will hit the market, see-through televisions will make our streaming experience a lot more fun, and hyper-fast laptops are going to help us flawlessly sail through the system.

2020 will be a year of deep changes, and hopefully, these changes will be for the good. Meanwhile, let’s just enjoy the ride and work for the best.

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