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Blogger Ishita’s Views:          

Travelling Isn’t Reserved For The Wealthy One Percent

Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul

– Jamie Lynn Beatty

Every once in a while, one needs to take some time off and smell the roses. People travel for various reasons, be it for change of scenery, or for meditation, or for finally spending some quality time with one’s family. There are so many beautiful places in this world, you just need to have the eyes to discover them and enjoy nature’s offerings. You don’t necessarily need to spend excessive amounts of money to travel to far off places. 

Journey On Budget With People You Love

I haven’t been to a lot of places, but forming plans and eventually making them happen is all part of the fun in the process of travelling. Furthermore, the journey to your destination and creating memories with the people you love is a big part of travelling. Yes, you may not be able to avail all the luxuries that the affluent class takes for granted, but comfortable accommodations can be made on a budget. 

There are already so many disparities between the rich and the poor because of the sheer number of things that are unavailable to the normal folk. Let’s not give the rich a copyright on travelling too. You can make your trips just as enjoyable and memorable by spending money more judiciously.

Beyond Facebook And Instagram Likes

When some things are featured constantly on social media, they do tend to attain the status of “overhyped”. This is the reason why some may grant this label to travelling as well. However, if you see beyond the glamour that ‘influencers’ create, travelling is still what Jack Kerouac preached about. 

Travelling becomes more expensive when you try to show off on social media. When you feel pressured to post about staying at expensive hotels, and eating at Michelin star restaurants, only to get likes on social media, travelling becomes a hassle and burns a hole in your pocket. If you don’t consider this, and instead of following the crowd, (by going to cliched and expensive places like Goa or Paris) go to places that are less fashionable but equally beautiful, it will provide you with the serenity and happiness that you seek. 

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Blogger Anjali’s Views: 

Travelling is overrated!

It is not as if I am indifferent to the benefits of recreation however, travelling and the concept of ‘wanderlust’ is much overhyped. I do not mean to glorify couch potatoes but I do not advocate compulsive travelling either and I have reasons for it.

Travelling Is Exhausting And At Times A Sheer Waste of Money

The purpose of travelling should be to get away with the routine and have some “me time” so that a person can embrace himself. However, I do not think that it’s happening because rather than giving us a relaxing time, travelling has become all about going to a destination, roaming around while trying to cover all the possible tourist attractions, taking pictures, coming back to the hotel room and dozing off. Self-indulgence isn’t anywhere in this list.

Also, at times it is a sheer wastage of money and time as either the destination doesn’t live up to the expectations or the accommodation isn’t good enough. In the end, one just gets frustrated or sad and the “relaxing motive” of the vacation goes down the drain.

Competitive Travelling

Competitive travelling is when a person is travelling merely to compete with other travelers. This type of travelling is extremely prevalent in today’s time as no one is interested in gallivanting; rather everyone is more interested in showing where they went, what they did, the amenities of their accommodation and so on, so forth.

This type of travelling isn’t of any good as the purpose of travelling has to be enjoyment, not to compete. Somewhere between being jealous and trying to compete, the joy is lost.

Necessary Travelling

Real life is not even near to what is shown in movies like Eat, Pray, Love and you definitely aren’t Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) from Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani. This #wanderlust may look great on the silver screen but it’s not viable. This is so because travelling takes money and time and the greed to be a frequent traveller may not always settle well with one’s monthly budget and devilish boss. 

Travelling is wonderful but only when it is meant for enjoying and not for Facebook or Instagram or covering the maximum number of travel destinations.  So, travel but only when you have the necessary resources and really want to relax and enjoy.

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