Dating in 2023 is almost as complicated as solving a puzzle or finding your way out of a maze. Social media and dating apps play a very significant role in shaping how the youth of Gen Z try to build a romantic relationship with someone.

With the changing times, our perspective on dating and relationships has also undergone a drastic transformation, especially the language. If you are not familiar with modern dating terms, you are not part of the modern dating world.

Expert’s Opinion

A California-based psychotherapist, Natalie Jones, says that with the invention of online dating apps, the majority of the youth no longer have the urge to seek an emotional connection with their partner; they are more interested in casual relationships. This gives rise to several new terms that we use to justify our toxic dating traits.

Dr. Jones explained, “I think that’s where these terms are coming from because now people have an abundance of people to choose from, and so different sorts of behaviors are being highlighted.” She added, “When you have so many people to choose from, you can ghost, you cannot call, you can hide who you truly are through online dating.”

8 Modern Dating Terms 

To keep up with the games of the modern dating world, here are a few terms that you should have in your dictionary.

  1. Cuffing: The word “cuffing” is a derivation of the word “handcuffed” and refers to the idea of being restricted to one partner. It can also indicate the act of getting romantically involved with someone during the wintry months of the year, also called the “cuffing season,” without having any intention of committing to that person.
  2. Cookie-jarring: “Cookie-jarring” is when a person is looking for a rebound relationship and treats his or her partner as a backup. Author and relationship expert Hayley Quinn claims that “cookie-jarring” is a term used to describe someone who “is already pursuing a relationship with someone else, but holds you in reserve (in their ‘cookie jar’) just in case things don’t work out.”
  3. Fleabagging: Remember Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the titular character in her 2016 comedy-drama series Fleabag? The term “Fleabagging” refers to a woman who persistently dates men who are wrong for her.
  4. Gaslighting: “Gaslighting” is the act of manipulating someone into believing that the fault is theirs. Dismissing someone’s emotions, lying to them, or acting in strong denial are different ways a person gaslights his partner, and the partner starts doubting herself and questioning her sanity and character.
  5. Ghosting: When a person you’ve been dating or matched with online suddenly cuts you off without an explanation, he or she is “ghosting” you. The act of “ghosting” in the modern dating world is very traumatic for the person who is being “ghosted,” as it may trigger his or her abandonment issues and insecurities.
  6. Orbiting: The term “orbiting” applies to a situation where a person has broken off with his or her partner and completely withdrawn from real-life communication but continues to engage with their posts on social media, usually through likes and views.
  7. Rizz: “Rizz” is a term for one’s ability to charm a person who has previously shown disinterest in you. Sweet-talking, seducing, or being an extrovert are some of the ways this works. It has become a very popular word among the Gen Z youth.
  8. Soft-launching: When you want people to know that you are in a relationship with someone but don’t want to disclose your partner’s identity, the act of posting an intentionally discreet picture with them on social media is known as “soft-launching.” For instance, sharing a picture of your partner’s hands holding yours without revealing his or her face is “soft-launching.”

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Guide To A Happy Dating Life

If you want to have a perfect relationship with someone, “communication” is always the key. Are you tired of all the new terms that are coined to describe the number of complicated dating trends that spring up every day?

It is always advisable to be clear and expressive about what you expect from your partner, and this is the key to all healthy relationships.

Intimacy coach and founder of The Intimacy Curator in Mumbai, Aili Seghetti explained, “These days, young people are looking for ‘everything’ in their relationships and that’s the main cause of distress and fear.

They expect their partners to be their best friends, best sexual partners, confidantes, travel buddies, spiritual companions, bond with all their family members… It’s an extensive list and we forget that it never used to be like that.”

She added, “The context is different and today we have more expectations in general, so it should be about prioritizing one’s needs and finding out about oneself rather than finding the right match.” 

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