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From military to millionaire – Kwame Stover


From military to millionaire, Kwame Stover, a 13-year vet, served in the Army and is now serving the community by providing financial literacy and economic empowerment. He is a co-founder of Capital Gains Investments, philanthropist, author, instructor, and dedicated advocate for sharing generational knowledge.

The rapid change in the stock trading landscape has brought in a fresh wave of new investors. An advantageous profession once singularly associated with images of Wall Street and men in tailored suits yelling “buy” or “sell” is now a form of passive income for a younger generation. Thanks to the advancement of technology, our phones give us the opportunity to create wealth from the comfort of our homes. Women and men of all ages are receiving guidance on investing from Kwame, whose approachable and transparent teaching style is the key to his success. While many people fear the stock market, the returns far outweigh the risks for a young options trader. In creating his own investment group, Kwame wanted to ensure that his course and books were affordable. Regardless of your socio-economic status, his investing strategies can help you reach your financial goals. Learning about chart candles, RSI, MACD, MA’s and VWAP has been life-changing for him.

Knowing the power of a kind act, he is passionate about teaching others how to invest in stocks and trade options to increase their level of success in the market. His transparent success method, which promotes adding skills, will always go back to the fundamentals. But who is Kwame? He has never forgotten his native Bronx roots, which form the foundation of his hustler mentality. Growing up in humble beginnings—from foster care to living in homeless shelters—never broke his spirit. He wanted to do something more for his family, which sparked his interest in investing. Overall, he has learned that family structure and ownership are very important.


Kwame has achieved a level of success in trading that would lead one to believe he has spent years on the trading floor on Wall Street. In reality, he is self-taught, and he shares his expertise with anyone willing to learn about investing toward generational wealth.

His early line of work stands in stark contrast to his career now. 

 In 2007, at age 19, Kwame joined the U.S. Army, earning extra income by reselling high-value merchandise. He used his earnings strictly to educate himself in investing and sharing his knowledge with other eager learners. Partnering with Morris Benton, Elise Benton and Erica Brown was such a great powerful decision to start a business that is thriving due to dedication. He said they have helped him grown as a businessman so much. He has also learned from so many mentors like Mickey Joseph Sascha Reed and Issac Suffren daily, with that knowledge he feels it’s his duty to share this with his community.

He also encourages his community to utilize group economics and to purchase land to empower others. He’s now living with a new motto: From military to millionaire, from the Bronx to billionaire. The most important things are humble, hard work and sticking to the basics. No matter how much success he has obtained, this is only the beginning. He says, “If we’re serious about changing the trajectory of our community and that of our children, then we must be willing to try new things.”

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