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Friendly Fridays Chapter 49: Minimalistic Bollywood Posters’ Akshar Pathak


This week on Friendly Fridays we have Akshar Pathak from Minimal Bollywood Posters & Tweetard  fame.
With that, he needs no other introduction.

Let’s begin this rendezvous with him on ED’s Friendly Fridays.


Team ED: How would you describe the work you do to a stranger?

Akshar Pathak: I make fun stuff and put it up on the internet so that people can laugh about it and share. This usually  ranges from some really bad jokes to some not-so-bad jokes. I put up my work on the internet so that I can inspire younger people to choose anything else but graphic designing as a potential career option.

Team ED: How did it all start? When did ‘Akshar Pathak’ get recognised?

Akshar Pathak: I made a few minimalist Bollywood posters back in 2012. Now looking back at it, they weren’t so much as minimalist, it was just my take on the posters. With some jokes and nostalgia thrown in. After that I started a project called Tweetard, which was basically a collection of the funniest tweets and spinning them into some cool posters. A lot of times, the credit isn’t given to the person who’s cracked that joke. So the whole aim behind it was to give that person due credit and give that tweet a life beyond Twitter. They got shared massively on Facebook and WhatsApp. So yeah, probably that’s when the name started getting recognised.

Team ED: Where do you see yourself going from here on?

Akshar Pathak: If it were upto me, I’d lock myself up in a room, with a computer, get food delivered all the time, watch a lot of movies and TV shows (and work in between) (maybe). All I need to make any day awesome is a comfy seat, my laptop, some dubstep/electronica on the headphones, and some good beer towards the end of the day.

Team ED: What is the biggest challenge that you face concerning your work?

Akshar Pathak: The biggest challenge is to get started on something. You can approach a project like “ah man, I hope the client likes it”. Or, you can approach a project like “I hope this turns out to be a lot of fun”

Team ED: If you could own one thing (Materialistic only) in life just for a day, what would it be?

Akshar Pathak: I would like to own one of those fancy private jets that have everything imaginable on them.

Team ED: What would be the wackiest thing that one can find in your browser history?

Akshar Pathak: Haha, there’s nothing wacky in there. Mostly because there’s nothing in there. ⌘+Shift+T on Chrome is the best, most useful keyboard shortcut in the history of keyboard shortcuts.

Team ED: If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

 Akshar Pathak: Iron Man. Hands down.

Team ED: With great Twitter and Facebook fan following, comes great responsibility, do you ever feel apprehensive that your work might offend someone?

Akshar Pathak: Naah, I’m not scared of offending people. You find that thin line between something that’s offensive and something that’s humorous. But just don’t cross that line. Set up camp there and get comfortable.

In fact, every designer should put up his/her work on the internet. Share it with the world. Because:

– you’ll improve with objective criticism
– you’ll never know pain, until some a**hole crops your name out from it and uploads it on 9gag


                                                                      (One of Akshar’s Minimal Bollywood Posters)

 Team ED: Lastly,
In minimalistic words tell us what comes to your mind when we say:

Family – Baghban (lol)
Pizza –  Pepperoni
Zodiac signs – Virgo
Pretentious Movie Reviews – Exercise!
Honey Singh – YOYO
Periods – Ameesha Patel
Report Card – D
Coffee – GTA
Sex – Male
Mosquito – Nana Patekar
Skyline – Bombay
Startups – Pool tables

(Interview Conceptualised by Pratishtha Mahajan)


Friendly Fridays
Friendly Fridays
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