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Friendly Fridays Chapter 22: Kunal Wason & Band Nasya


Hi guys! So, Friendly Fridays is here again.

And this week the spotlight’s on the very popular and immensely talented Kunal Wason, the Voice and the Founder of band NASYA. 

Kunal has studied Hindustani Classical Music and Sufi Music to a great depth. His soul-stirring and thoughtful lyrics add life to his music.

Kunal has been touring nationally since 2008. He has featured on MTV ROCK ON Season 2 with his band Nasya, which adjudged them one of the top 10 bands in the country. Since then he never got a chance to look back.

He gave live performances for the show “NEVER HIDE SOUNDS” alongwith Bollywood Sufi Queen HARSHDEEP KAUR, presented by MTV.

His recent movies include : Jalpari, Manjunath, Ishq Brandy and his next would be NH24. 


Nasya has had various international collaborations, with a recent performance in Malaysia at Murfest. They were the only band from India to be performing and representing India. Another 15 day tour was undertaken in both Fiji and China, where the response to their music was ecstatic.

Members of Nasya include Ripple Boruah (Guitarsist/Vocalist,) Siddharth Sharma (Bass/Electronics), Vishal Mehta (drummer), Pankaj Beniwal (Percussions), Sujeet (Flute) and the band is managed by Chirayu Paul.10955768_626228274172772_2417859963353356409_n

Team ED:  Hi Kunal. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Kunal Wason: That’s a bit hard; the 3 words would be Earthy, Religious and Responsible.

Team ED: Interesting choice of adjectives! Your band Nasya, how did it start?

Kunal Wason: Nasya started about 7 years ago in my college days (CVS, Delhi). We formed our band and started participating at college level events. I went onto pursue my post graduation in International Marketing from Delhi School of Economics, however practising and playing did not stop. It was then that we as a band got an offer to participate in MTV Rock On. The show completely blocked six months, but the college principal was extremely supportive and we went on with all our performances. MTV Rock On was a big hit. We started meeting professional people and started looking at this as a career option.

Team ED: How would you describe the kind of music you produce?

Kunal Wason: To be precise we do Folk Fusion!

ED’s Pratishtha Mahajan with Kunal Wason

Team ED: You are a lyricist as well; are the lyrics of your songs inspired by personal experiences?

Kunal Wason: Yes! The lyrics of my songs are complete representation of my personal experiences. Whatever I am is what I present in my songs. My mom has been helping me out with the lyrics as well and I would particularly like to mention a paragraph that my mom helped me with:
“Rabba mennu maaf Karin je main tera naam na lavaan
Rabba menu maaf Karin je main tere buye na awaan
main rabb nu dil che vasaya
dil te main uda naam main likhaaya
oh hi menu hasna sikhayaa….”


Team ED: You recently recorded a song at Lata Mangeshkar’s studio, how was it? 

Kunal Wason: The experience was superb, while performing in the studio I automatically gave my 110 percent to the song. When I completed the song, something wonderful happened, I saw Akshay Kumar listening to it in another room and that moment greatly lifted my spirit. It totally felt like I was a part of the Bollywood music industry.

Team ED: If given a chance to perform live, with whom would you like to collaborate?

Kunal Wason: It has always been my dream to perform with Sh. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan but unfortunately that continues to remain a dream. I would love to perform with Sh. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveenji.

Team ED:  We are really curious to know the story behind your dreaded locks?

Kunal Wason: I have invested a lot in my locks. I was told by a seer that for my better future I must either completely get my hair removed or not get them cut at all. I followed the latter advice and I somehow believe that it worked in my favour. I am planning to grow them till my knees.


Team ED: That’s intriguing! Lastly, what’s the best piece of advice you have ever received apart from the one on your hair?

Kunal Wason: I would say that the best piece of advice that I have ever received is from my wife. Chetna always asks me to be relaxed, patient and believe in myself, given the stresses in my career. Whenever I have followed this in my life, it has always worked and I end up receiving some great news very soon.


Thanks Kunal, see you at your concert!

For their upcoming concerts and performances,

Follow Kunal And Team NASYA @

Kunal’s Facebook, Kunal’s Twitter, Kunal’s site, Kunal’s YouTube channel

Band Nasya’s Facebook, Nasya’s Twitter, Nasya’s YouTube channel

Birdie tells us they are in Delhi tomorrow ;) Go catch them live! 

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