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Follow These Instructions If You Want to Enjoy A Fabulous Vacation in Egypt


Egypt is a complicated but a true fabulous country with the great enduring historical attractions & Landmarks that are located within its different cities and that is why it stands as an unforgettable travel destination for many travellers from all around the universe. There are dozens of treasures in Egypt that are depicted within its timeless temples, incredible ancient tombs, the longest Nile in the world which has the ability to transfer you in a time machine back in time to the great era of the ancient Egyptians along its borders. We can divide Egypt into two parts, the first part is Cairo & Upper Egypt with the magnificent cultural tour you can have while touring around the great temples, tombs, and chapels around you and the second part represents the Red Sea of Egypt and the amazing coastal cities & resorts that you can enjoy the most while visiting and practicing some fanciful water activities while being there.


You won’t believe the number of things you can have and enjoy while being in Egypt and that is why we have included through our article some of the most fascinating & interesting things to do and attractions to visit while being in the great land of pharaohs.

  • Have an Unforgettable Tour to Giza Pyramids

When it comes to arranging a tour in Egypt, a visit to Giza Pyramids is actually a must and your tour won’t definitely be completed without. The great ancient Egyptian Pharaohs managed to establish the greatest treasure in Egypt and one of those Pyramids is considered one of the seven Wonders of the ancient World which is the mesmerizing Pyramid of King Khufu because of its fabulous construction and its impressive shape. The other two majestic temples were built for King Khafre & Menquare who were the son and the grandson of King Khufu and they have completed the legend of the Pharaoh through following his leadership. There are also other attractions in Giza Complex that worth your visit including Giza Sphinx, the Solar Boat of King Khufu, the amazing Valley Temple where the ancients used to operate their mummification processes, and near Giza Pyramids Complex, you will find the magnificent location of Saqqara Step Pyramid, the hypnotic Memphis city with its great sightseeing, and the area of Dahshur with its smaller Pyramids.

Such a visit will fill your passion with the greatness of the ancients and show you how they managed through their magical way to leave the greatest mysteries and secrets for the whole world to keep studying and trying to figure out how the ancients managed to build such an unparalleled civilization.

  • Enjoy like never Before While Visiting the Old Attractions in Old Cairo

Cairo city is the Metropolitan of Egypt and it includes inside some of the most exquisite attractions & landmarks ever found in Egypt. There you will find the best historical attractions, the most memorable religious sightseeing, and the most notable landmarks which will turn your vacation in Egypt to an unforgettable one. If you are looking for the best historical sightseeing, you should definitely start your tour in Egypt with a visit to the great Egyptian Museum which holds inside a wide collection of the greatest antiquities, treasures, and artifacts found that date back to the ancient era of the Egyptians just like the priceless treasures which were found in the tomb of the great young Pharaoh Tutankhamun who is best known for his Golden Mask “Dead Mask”. To also know some of the most interesting facts about the Egyptian military and the way of building large fortresses during the Aybidd Dynasty, you need to head to Saladin Citadel which has been the home of the most successful rulers of Egypt. In the citadel’s complex, you will find the amazing Alabaster Mosque “Mohamed Ali Mosque” that is distinguished with its marvelous shape, Minarets, and great fascinating way of construction.

If you want to explore all about the greatness of the Islamic religion and its impact on the Egyptian attractions, here are some of the most recommended Islamic sightseeing you need to have a look at: Amr Ibn El-As Mosque, El-Azhar Mosque, El-Refai Mosque, and El-Muiz Street. You will find on each of the mentioned sites lots of great facts & incredible secrets about each one and you will with no doubt have lots of fun.

Regarding the Coptic landmarks, Old Cairo is also rich with a wonderful collection of the best Coptic sightseeing that are depicted in the Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church, Church of St. George, St. Virgin Mary’s Church, and other mesmerizing sights. For the Jewish landmarks, you definitely need to visit Ben Ezra Synagogue that has been once an amazing Christian Church. You should also know that Old there are many fascinating markets and shops in Cairo where you can arrange a remarkable shopping tour in Cairo before heading to another amazing site and this is what makes Cairo city a very integrated site with some of the greatest thing to do and places to visit in.

  • Have a Nile Cruise Tour to Explore the Best Attractions in Luxor & Aswan

The word “Nile” is a synonymous with Egypt since it is one of the greatest features of the country and having a Nile Cruise tour is one of the most interesting experiences you can ever have hence children like this tour very much and they like spending time on the river with their parents and since this is the most favorable tours for couples to enjoy their honeymoon. Simply put, having an Egypt Nile Cruise tour is a much recommended experience for all people of different ages from all around the world. You can spend three nights’ accommodation on the board of your cruise and start your cruise from Aswan city. You can add an extra night and spend 4 nights’ accommodation on the board of your cruise, that way; you will start your cruise from Luxor. For a longer option, you can spend 7 nights’ accommodation on the board of your Nile Cruise from either Aswan or Luxor.

On the board of your cruise, you can enjoy some of the most interesting traditional Egyptian performances like belly dancers, Nubian shows, Galabiya Party in addition to enjoying the highest level of services while being on the board of a 5* or a 5* Nile Cruise tour. That is not all as you will have the chance to explore some of the greatest sightseeing in Luxor & Aswan cities to know all about the great Egyptian civilization face to face. In Luxor city, you will be able to visit about one third of the world’s ancient monuments just like Karnak Temples Complex, the great Luxor Temple, and Colossi of Memnon of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Luxor Museum, and the Valleys of Kings, Queens, and Nobels.

In the beautiful Aswan city, you will find many wonderful sites to visit and enjoy during your tour in Egypt just like the beautiful Philae Temple of Goddess Isis, the incredible Unfinished Obelisk, the hypnotic High Dam, the gorgeous Nubian Village, the remarkable two Temples of Abu Simbel and other great sights that you will enjoy at the most while touring and visiting. Between Luxor & Aswan, there are two wonderful Temples of Edfu & Kom Ombo and visiting them will add a lot to your in the Land of Pharaohs.

  • Have a Wonderful Camel Ride.

If you are looking for having joyful time while being in Egypt and doing different activities, them having a camel ride either in Giza Complex or in the Nubian Village will definitely amaze you since you will experience the ancient way of being transferred from a place to another and tour around the most magical sightseeing in Egypt. You can have either a short ride or a camel ride based on your request and to have any of them, you can pay for them right on spot.

  • Enjoy the Best Felucca Ride

What is more spectacular than enjoying the night in Egypt while being in a boat in the longest Nile in the world. Felucca is a small boat that allows you to spend a very relaxed night while sailing on the Nile and it is such a fabulous excursion you can book directly on spot. The most interesting thing about it is that you can arrange with the felucca man the sites you want to head to and the duration of your tour especially if you are going to have a totally private tour.

  • Head to Alexandria city to check some of its glorious attractions

Alexandria city is one of the most recommended Tourist Egyptian cities since it comprises a wide variety of sightseeing which tourists really love to visit such as the incredible Qaitbay Citadel, Pompey’s Pillar, the breathtaking Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa, and last but not least the specious Alexandria library with the amazing collection of books you will find inside from every part of the world. It is called the Bride of the Mediterranean Sea because it is mainly a coastal city and with the amazing attractions it has, it is such a perfect vacation destination.

  • Enjoy a Tour to Abu Simbel Temples

The majestic two Temples of Abu Simbel are located around three hours by car from Aswan near Sudan border and they are best known for their impressive construction our of the mountain rocks and both temples were commissioned during the King Ramses II. What is astonishing about the great temple of Abu Simbel is that it took around 20 years to be built and is mainly considered the most alluring temple in Egypt. The other temple which is referred to as the temple of Hathor & Nefertari was dedicated to the king’s wife as he loved her so much and wanted her to be special in comparing to any of the other wives of the Pharaoh. You will learn a lot of interesting facts regarding the ancient Egyptian civilization while being in that site and don’t forget to ask about the story of its relocation.

  • Have a Majestic Recreational Tour in the Red Sea

Egypt is a country that is blessed with the whole elements of entertainment especially in its coastal cities that attract tourists who want to enjoy a lot while being in Egypt with sand, sea, and beautiful weather. To have the ultimate perfect beach vacation in Egypt, you should definitely head to Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam, or El-Gouna to enjoy the most fascinating coastal beaches & resorts. Beaches aren’t the only things you can enjoy while being in the Red sea as you will have more than enough time to enjoy some of the most charming water activities just like having Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Excursions. You can also have a higher level of adventure and explore the beauty of the Egyptian desert through having a Desert Safari Excursion. The thing that we can assure is that you won’t get bored for every one second of your recreational vacation in the Red Sea.

  • Enjoy a Memorable Tour in Khan El-Khalili

Old Cairo is famous for having the biggest and the most well-known open-air market all over Egypt which dates back to the middle Ages and is considered an essential aspect of the Egyptian culture. You will find there many impressive souvenirs, clothes, many impressive cafés & restaurant, and lots of different shops that sell hundreds of different items and this is mainly a very important element in any of your Egypt tours.

There are many other fabulous attractions & activities that you can enjoy having or doing while being in Egypt and choosing Egypt tours has become now much easier than before. You just need to determine what are the things you want to see or do and choose a qualified travel agency to enjoy the greatest and the most memorable trip ever?


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