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Gen-Z, in its entirety, has been criticized from the very moment it came into existence by the generations prior of being all talk and no bite. Their cause of revolution comes in the form of social media activism and the proliferation of non-issues. However, this is all but conjecture.

The cause of being patriotic for the sake of being patriotic has been a cause worth revolting against, yet, in effect, it must be stated that whatever the Gen-Z does, it does with a certain motive. 

Hence, to delve further into the efficacies of the age-old debate of how Gen-Z lacks patriotism owing to a few actions, two bloggers have sought to play the Devil’s advocate in both cases. The following is the argument that ensued. 

Gen-Z Is Much More Patriotic Than The Previous Generation

“Action is their way forward. If programs and schemes do not work, demonstrations are the key.”

-Blogger Kushan’s Views

Gen-Z Is Industrious

It has often been stated that Gen-Z does not show any iota of respect for their country. They have let go of their cultural identity and are quick to follow up with the trends. In essence, it all boils down to how the present generation has changed from the generation prior. 

The object of stating this is solely due to the fact that our country, for generations, has seen its citizens watch the world go by. All they have pondered is either their nine to five jobs or how India has forgotten how to play cricket.

The present generation, on the other hand, has chosen to take the reins of the country into its own hands, and complacency is no longer tolerated. Any sign or form of injustice is called out without fear, for there exists a certain need for the presence of mind to shield the marginalized. 

Furthermore, they have seen enough atrocities being documented in India and beyond. Hence, they wish to bring about the change to curb these atrocities and listen to the hurt or the deprived. Gen-Z is not about all talk and no bite.

Action is their way forward. If programs and schemes do not work, demonstrations are the key. Gen-Z, hence, is much more patriotic in this aspect than the previous generation ever was. 

Gen-Z Is All Inclusive

It is no rare mystery for our readers to hear about how there has been another caste-based atrocity or religion-based atrocity. It should not come as a surprise to hear about how the society or generation prior to ours has brought about a certain societal divide. 

Caste, creed, gender, sexuality, religion, and region were aspects according to which the society was divided. The whims of the millennials and the generation prior fuelled the cause of how religion affected us. Their complacency had become the sole authority into fuelling the way in the heart of the Indian household.

However, the further we move into the premise of cultural assimilation, the fact that we find a form of cultural and racial discrimination, is repulsive, to say the least.

But the current generation comprising the Gen-Z has actively sought to include the said marginalized communities into its foray without any form of preconceived prejudice. 

The only ‘qualification’ that is needed to be met is the need to be a human being. Apart from that, each and every member of Darwin’s supreme being is free to be what they wish to be.

The societal constraints are still a constant form of hurdle in the path of ensuring absolute egalitarianism, however, these are to stay for only a while. The Gen-Z stands for much more than the pertaining recluses of a ‘united’ demographic and a demographic that looks away at the sunnier side of the road.

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Gen-Z Is Less Patriotic Than The Previous Generation

“All of our patriotism is showcased once we leave the country, but the point is, what’s the use if you cannot help your nation build?”

 -Blogger Shouvonik’s Views

Gen-Z Want To Leave

Although there is a segment that wants to usher change in India itself, there is quite a substantial number of people who would jump at the opportunity to go abroad for studies or to settle down.

A true patriot would serve the country from within and help establish a better system to improve the lives of the people and help uplift the nation in the international community. 

Every year there are 7-8 lakh people emigrating to countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Qatar, among almost 20 more notable countries. This shows the brain drain and the skill drain that takes place in the nation while these skilled workers help foster another nation. They put themselves and their careers before a patriotic stand. 

What About Culture?

Influenced by western norms, Gen-Z has forgotten or overlooked the treasures in our own culture. A dhoti or some poems and songs by Tagore are often avoided because western culture is hipper and is easier to understand. 

Along with the malpractices of corruption and reservation becoming a part of our cultural norms, the Gen-Z populace realizes that not everything that is inherited is fair. One has to sieve through it and it leaves out a large chunk of our culture that holds value. 

All of our patriotism is showcased once we leave the country, but the point is, what’s the use if you cannot help your nation build?

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