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From language politics to a sheer difference in attitudes, we’ve always seen our country as two separate parts – North India and South India. With the current political scenario and its after-effects, this dichotomy has only become more evident.

north indians are brash south indians are intellectuals

In that regards, are there any intellectual differences between the two regions? Here’s what our bloggers have to say about that:

North Indians Aren’t Brash

“Such gross generalizations, especially of a region with so many diverse cultures, is clearly unjustified.” 

– Blogger Rashmi

Generalizations Aren’t Often Correct

It is quite unfair to assess a whole mass of people based just on our interaction with a few of them. Attributing the traits of a few North Indians to all North Indians, or that of a few South Indians to all the people from South India would be quite an unjust thing.

All through my school and on-going college years, I have been with people from various states and from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Personally, I have come across discrimination as well as warm-heartedness from both sides – North Indian friends being good to South Indians and vice versa.

So, one cannot draw such a vague conclusion about one whole region’s people, based on interactions with just a few of them.

Broad Mental Horizons Of North Indians

Given the literacy rate of several South Indian states, it won’t be incorrect to say that intellect is high in the southern part of India. But that in no way undermines that of the people from the northern part of India.

North Indians, especially those living in the capital city Delhi, get to interact with a whole lot of people from different backgrounds and regions. While South India comes out as a unified and genteel mass of people, North Indians, at the same time greatly differ from each other.

north indians are brash south indians are intellectuals
The diversity of North India by itself calls for various interactions among its people

Owing to this association with various types of people, North Indians definitely have a wider mental horizon, when compared to South Indians.

Just Literate Or Intellectual?

Despite the supposed intellect of South Indians, crime rates in the region still aren’t sufficiently low. The recent rape and murder case of a doctor from a South Indian state had left the country mourning. And then, Kerala ranks among the top 5 states of the country when it comes to acid attacks.

north indians are brash south indians are intellectuals

Then, is North India that bad when compared against South India?

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South Indians Are Intellectuals 

“The South has always been a step forward and recent events have only proven that.”

– Blogger Nandana

General Attitude Towards Other Cultures

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’. Yet, somehow, the northern part of the country seems to be quite confused about this adage.

When I first moved to Pune, the biggest hurdle for me was to get around the language difficulty. The first reaction that I, and many others like me used to get when we acknowledge the fact that we don’t know the regional tongue is one full of scorn, condescension and ignorance.

north india south india
South Indians face a lot of bias when it comes to their use of language

This makes it all the more difficult for us to adjust to the new environment. Eventually, we are only left with one question – is this how welcoming this region can get?

Reactions To Almost Everything

The past year has been pretty tumultuous for the entire country. From widespread riots to the ceaseless incidents of violence and sexual abuse, people had a lot of issues to react to.

In that context, one can analyse how different said reactions are across the country. Just consider how a state like Andhra Pradesh had reacted to the gut-wrenching case of the Hyderabad vet.

Within just a matter of weeks, the Disha Act which provides for harsher punishments for sex offenders was passed and readily implemented.

disha act
The AP govt. passed the Disha Act in the wake of the Hyderabad vet rape case

However, such cases are left for time to tell in the North. Neither do we hear about a fast-track trial for the victim, nor do we hear about justice being duly served.

Even as riots took the country by storm following the government’s decision to implement CAA and NRC, certain southern states came up with genius ideas to show their dissent.

Kerala was one such place wherein thousands of people gathered together to express their disappointment by forming a human chain of sorts.

kerala human chain
The human chain that was recently formed in Kerala, in opposition to CAA

It indeed takes guts as well as a strong intellect to come up with something so inventive!

Progressive And Competent Solutions

Nobody can forget the epidemic of the Nipah virus that had struck Kerala last year. However, the joint efforts exhibited by both the government as well as the state’s citizens proved to be effective in not just containing the disease from wreaking more havoc, but also in overcoming the problem efficiently.

north indians are brash south indians are intellectuals
The whole state of Kerala worked towards collectively overcoming the Nipah virus outbreak

The same model has yet again been replicated in the state’s cautious action towards the treatment and quarantine following the Corona outbreak.

As for progress, one can only look in wonder as the South celebrates diversity of all manner and form. From matrimonial sites catering to the needs of the LGBTQ community to the harmony exhibited by different religious sectors, this region is marching way ahead.

So can’t we safely say that South Indians are in fact, intellectuals?

Which side do you agree with? Let us know in the comments below.

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