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Blogger Soundarya’s Opinion

Delhi University (DU) is an abode of over 77 colleges and has over 70,000 seats for its UG Entrance program, offering an enormous variety of courses and cultures. With so many students enrolling each year, this university has set a rather high bar for the students to clear.

This high bar is nothing but the sky-ranging cut-offs that have made students vulnerable and because of this, many students can’t make it into DU. Recently, DU has released its cut-offs where we find Political Science, Economics, History, English, and Psychology are the most popular courses at DU, with the highest cut-offs this year.

More than ten courses in various colleges have a 100% cut-off in the most popular courses such as B.A. Economics (H), B.Com (H), B.Sc. Computer Science (H), B.A. Political Science (H), B.Sc. Physics (H), and B.A. Psychology (H).

Delhi University

Many, however, blame DU for setting high cut-offs, which are undeniably difficult to clear, which I completely oppose. DU has been releasing cut-offs that are far from being met for the past two years. The true cause is us and the current global situation and not  DU itself. 

COVID-19 Has Increased DU Cut-Offs

It is not uncommon to see students achieving more than 95 percent on their boards, and the number of students achieving 99% and 100% has increased dramatically in these COVID-19 times when the evaluation has been pretty liberal.

However, the number of such students has been lower prior to COVID-19. Due to the Coronavirus and the evaluation being based on internal assessments, the number of such students has increased. As a result, more colleges have announced 100% cut-offs. 

Many Applicants Leads To More Competitiveness

The point does not lie in DU releasing higher cut-offs, but in the number of seats, it can afford for a specific course. Because it has fewer seats and a greater number of applicants, DU is helpless and hence has raised its cut-offs to deal with admissions. 

DU has also established itself as a brand that provides the best courses with highly qualified faculty at very decent fees. And in these current times, where engineering and medical degrees cost lakhs, DU is the best option for students to pursue their desired degree.

As a result, the DU portal receives over 5 lakh applications each year. However, it has fewer seats, which is why it maintains higher cut-offs so that students who are more deserving based on their board percentages can get a seat. 

Students seeking admissions Delhi University

DU is one of the top universities and has a good name across the country and in the world. It maintains a certain level of competition, which obviously is seen in its cut-offs and which I believe is necessary for it in order to choose the best students in academics.

Therefore, DU doesn’t promote any hyper-competitiveness. Rather it motivates the students to work hard to achieve a seat in DU.

Blogger Palak’s Opinions

I agree with my fellow blogger’s opinion that DU is one of the top universities in India and students from all across the country want to take admission here. Tens of thousands of students study hard and compete in order to seek admission in DU and this is what we call “good competition”. 

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With Good Results Comes Soaring Cut-offs

However, the first cut-off released this year proves that DU is promoting hyper-competitiveness. This year, over 70k students got more than 95% and 1.5 lakh students scored more than 90% marks in the CBSE 12th results. 

With this many students passing with flying colours in their 12th board results, several of them are certainly aiming to seek admissions in DU and some might have been convinced that they’ll surely secure a seat in DU. 

Students coming to college for admissions (pre-covid)

However, the first DU cut-off, where seven prestigious colleges have set 100% marks as eligibility criteria for students to seek admission, comes as a disappointment. More than 94 undergraduate programmes have sealed their cut-offs at 99%, which was in 2020 done only for 30 UG programmes.

The second cut-off which was released recently didn’t see any decrease in the marks either. Instead, there wasn’t any second cut-off list for several UG programmes.

Promotion Of Hyper-Competitiveness

By doing this, DU isn’t promoting “healthy competition” but hyper-competitiveness among the students. Many of those who scored above 95% but less than 99% are probably questioning themselves and their careers. This is because even after securing high marks they aren’t able to secure a seat in their choice of college. 

It is also a sign that our education system needs fixing since not every student can excel in academics and score high grades. The idea of scoring high marks should not be encouraged because it is accompanied by stress and mental illness. It also makes them question themselves and their capabilities which results in low self-confidence and lack of self-love. 

Hence, instead of keeping such high cut-offs, authorities should decrease them and promote “healthy competition” and an environment that not only encourages studying to score high marks but also encourages study to gain knowledge! 

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