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Five things to do before the college ends !!




We all, sometime in our lives, have dreamt of graduating from high school and moving into the most amazing college in the world. College days are all about friends, fun, happiness, learning lessons or I should say ‘a new life’ altogether. However, it is awfully sad when you move a step further in life leaving behind your college days. But, you cannot just remain upset about it.You got to put up some efforts to get a bagful of those tiny moments with your friends.  Here is something you can do:

  • Friends birthday: Birthdays happen to be the most special for the day for anybody and if its that of your friends, you got to be equally excited. If it is about making the last year all the more happening, you can take the first step by putting the maximum efforts for friends’ birthdays. Get on some new ideas, plan some theme parties, call their school friends and the stage would be set for ultimate fun. Birthday would create a remembrance for the whole life.
  • Go on for a road trip: Once in a lifetime experience it would be, I can assure you that. Having fun in your college campus is something that you always do. Try it out at some time outside the comfort zone of your city. Not only would that be a learning experience, but you would also learn much more about your friends. These kinds of trips have the real power to create a strong bond.
  • Make a checklist: Take a big paper and prepare a big checklist of where you and your friends want to roam around. It would be advisable if you put that on the front wall of your room. Put up all the exciting things in the city that you can all do. Every time you are done with one such target, you will feel like on the top of the world.
  • Patch up :  People come into our lives, we have fun, and ultimately we all split up just being Facebook friends. Isn’t that a bit hurting? Keeping your so-called self-esteems aside, just give yourself a chance to make up with the people you might have hurt.  Your ego might stay with you forever, but you may end up losing some precious gems of your life.It won’t be wrong to say that your job won’t take care of you when you are sick, your friends will.
  • Make every day just worth it: This might be the last time you all could spend 24 hours together. After a few years, you don’t even know where you would be and where your friends would be.  Just make the last year worth a ‘smile’ for your entire life. Go to favourite chaat vala in front of the college, go and attend every fest there in your university, bunk classes, eat canteen ka samosa, click lots and lots of pictures and everything that your group just loved to do. Gather enough anecdotes to tell them to your children :P



Guys, don’t waste the people and time you have ! After all, these fellows called friends are the ones who know us a good as our parents, understand us as good as a sibling and loves us as much as our spouse.



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