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Finding your Perfect Inner Piece


By Chahat Sareen


When I talk about an inner piece, I mean something that can restore your happiness and make your outfit shine out.Who would have ever thought there’d come a ZAMANA, where you can pop the colors of your chic insiders and blend them with your tops/sweaters and what on the freaking Earth not?

The Dynamic Fashion World has brought to you bralettes, brasseries camisoles, and tanks of such uptown and fabulous designs that if it were up to you, you’d go out wearing them all by themselves in their perfect demeanor.

Your sheer top automatically starts screaming volumes all by itself with that prideful tank top; your lace top exhibits gallons and gallons of fancy glamour underneath. And which of us do not want to dress to kill?

Honestly speaking it’s a crazy fashion in all its true sense. It brings out the best out of your apparel.Gone are those days my dearies, where you used to face embarrassment and fear a little PEEK-A -BOO here and there by someone, at parties or social gathering or your most awaited events.What was fear then, is a fashion now.

It’s more of a feminist explosion of lovely clothing inside out. So if something happens to show, you ain’t afraid to show it, cause you’re sexy and you know it!! *Winks*

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If you feel you have paired up the right colors and the right inners with the right combination of tops you can remove the word “wardrobe malfunction” from the oxford dictionary! And I’m not even kidding right now.

There is so much variety to go backless now without any fear of slips or not having something padded around your bosom. You can use triple straps bra, or silicon cups; you can triumph with a sexy lace-y bralette and still maintain that Victoria’s secret!

Or wear that deep neck top adding oomph to your cleavage without requiring much FASHION TAPE but still using tape is always an excellent idea. It’s not in a bad taste and it will never go if you know whatever you’re showing is what you want the world to see.

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You go out for the parties and prick so many holes in that insanely expensive outfit with your safety pins! Why? You do not need them. So afraid of an undergarment show? Don’t be! There’s a whole lot of madness about their variety, their fits. Match your outfit correctly and you’re good to go.

If you’re heading out for subtle look choose for the more basic colors like nude, peppermint or the basic ones just to not flash something out Vs. if you’re opting for the SEX and CITY look you can tend to be way more protruding. For a casual deep neck top or transparent top you can chose an uptown tribal print bandeau. There are different cup sizes and shapes and best way is to head out to an excellent lingerie store and get your size and shape figured by the sales staff. The common mistake we all tend to make is continue buying the same size for years and years knowing that it is all boob fat and it may vary based on your food habits. It’s totally cool to have your options and style change every few months.

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The key is to add assortment to your wardrobe, which can then be mixed and matched with your outerwear. The kind of diversity the “underworld” has grown is berserk! You have Adhesive, Bandeau, Push Up, Balconette, Demi, Bralette, Convertible, Cross Back, Halter, Corset, Strapless, Under wired, Maternity, Wide, Narrow, Floral, Safari, Shaded, Spiked Camisoles, Bra Tanks! I mean it’s lunatic!

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It does not have to be a pet peeve though. There are so many ways to wear a top and not let an inch of skin show.  And if you’re too worried about comfort, you’ll find loads of them. It’s all in great fashion and all up to your taste, preference and level of confidence! Try it out! You’ll fall in love with how it all feels inside.

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