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FGM, a new generation of decentralized financial liquidity mining platform, is coming


DeFi is an eternal topic in the blockchain industry, and it is also a gathering place for funds in the blockchain industry. 2020 is a year worth recording for DeFi. Compound started the boom of liquidity mining. Then Balancer, Curve, etc. also joined the track. After that, the liquidity aggregation mining launched by YFI brought this mining movement pushed to a climax. However, there are many problems such as high gas fee, low throughput, and slow speed.

FGM is an asset-type token issued by the future gold mine. It has physical gold minerals as an asset anchor. Each FGM represents the income right of gold mining. Holding FGM means to enjoy the dividend rights of Newcrest Gold Ltd gold mine. . Among them, the fastest income of FGM is the mapping (decentralized pledge) model.

Three benefits of mapping (decentralized pledge):

  1. It takes only 24 hours to get income!
  2. No cost, the cost of investment will be fully refunded within 24 hours!
  3. It can be traded and the fgm of the income is returned to the wallet

in the app, and it can be sold directly for withdrawal!

How to use the pledge function of mapping?

In the fgm app, you can see a button: mapping.

Mapping provides four optional pledge methods:

Income list

Investment products Mars Jupiter Venus Mercury
Investment amount 10usdt 50usdt 100usdt 500usdt
24H income Fgm worth 0.1usdt Fgm worth 0.5usdt Fgm worth 1usdt Fgm worth 5usdt



Let’s take our choice of Venus as an example. If you invest 100usd in exchange for a Venus, after 24 hours, your income will be some fgm worth 1usdt, and at the same time, the 100usdt (cost) of your participation will be automatically returned to your asset account. You can use this 100usdt to participate in the investment again and operate repeatedly. In this way.You can get the profit without cost! This is a short-term financial management method with low risk and suitable for most people. The income fgm will be directly distributed to the wallet in the App. You can sell this income in the app trading market.

In the FGM economic model, FGM tokens are mined from scratch, and new users register, the platform will support a free mining machine, the operating cycle is 30 days, the output value can be 240FGM (1FGM=0.0365USDT), and if your friends are directly invited to participate in investment , You can get 50% of the direct push income, the second-generation friends can get 30% of the second-generation income when participating in investment, and the third-generation friends can get 20% of the third-generation income when participating in the investment. It is important to note that promotion income must be purchased by yourself before you can get the income. Friends can participate in the investment of their superiors every day to have promotion income. One of the most powerful functions of the FGM new economic model is the strong incentive mechanism and maximum theoretical supply The combination of restrictions, and at the same time, FGM’s regular repurchase dividend mechanism will encourage more users to hold FGM, further causing its scarcity, and helping tokens continue to increase in value and find value.

Undoubtedly, the popularity of gold mines in the future will be the vanguard to promote decentralized finance to the public eye. The liquidity mining model has overturned the traditional currency issuance model in the blockchain industry. At the current stage, FGM and global members are firmly seizing the opportunity of blockchain technology development and seeking new breakthroughs. Through the value sharing of FGM asset data, they will finally obtain a larger community of resources, interests, and values. We also hope that with the new trend of future development of FGM, more community members will join FGM, look at the world with a new perspective, look at the blockchain, and Create more wealth together!

FGM related links

(1)Whatsapp:+91 7411213715


(3) FGM official website: https://www.fgm.ltd/

(4) FGM download: https://www.fgm.ltd/h5/#/?code=YZUCJCSK

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